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The wood grouse's love song

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The restaurant ...
Established in 1951, the restaurant is one of the oldest in the area. It has romantically taken its name from the love song sung by the wood grouse, a rare and beautiful bird that still inhabits the woods that surround the restaurant (four different families have been sighted lately). In addition to being a restaurant, the Cant del Gal has also recently become a small hotel with ten guest bedrooms. For quite some time now, it has been point of reference for all those who love the mountains and enjoy setting off on trails and hikes in Val Canali. The restaurant has approximately seventy indoor covers, to which another thirty can be added in the garden, where guests can enjoy the beautiful natural landscape that surrounds the restaurant.

The restaurateur...
Peter Nicola Cemin and his wife Marzia took over this historical valley restaurant in 2001. While the husband oversees the kitchen, his wife is in charge of the hotel. Both are supported by the skilled culinary arts of Chef Marco Salvadori, who displays all his great mastery in the preparation of traditional Trentino dishes. Together, they make a well-honed team and have launched a myriad of different initiatives. The latest? Guests can now reach the restaurant on a horse-drawn sleigh from Villa Welsperg.

Contact & Directions

Albergo Ristorante Cant del Gal
loc. Sabbionade, 1
38054 Tonadico , Italy

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