Cà dei Giosi

..."el Giosa" to his friends

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The restaurant ...
The building which houses the Ristorante Ca' dei Giosi is over a century old and, as its owners Germano and Fernando Verona are fond of saying, it was built by their grandfather. The restaurant's two rooms can host up to seventy guests and are decorated with barrel vaulted stone ceilings. The restaurant is furnished in a rustic style, making it the ideal place to spend a quiet winter's evening. In summer, guests can enjoy its outdoor tables, where they can savour the warmth of the sun as well as its great views of Paganella. The restaurant has a private car park. Furthermore, it is also close to a children's play park, a riding school, a campsite, a lake for recreational fishing and trails leading to Lake Terlago and Lake Lamar.
The restaurateur...
The name "Ca' dei Giosi" tells the tale of the Verones family. The restaurant first opened ten years ago as a country inn and was named after their grandfather Giosafat, known as "el Giosa" to his friends. The owners did not have a moment's doubt when they named their restaurant! The restaurant is entirely run by the family. Germano's brother Fernando - who has always been a great foodie as well as an imaginative chef - can be found in the kitchen. Furthermore, Germano's wife Ornella and her brother Mauro are always ready to lend a helping hand when necessary. Clients arrive at Ca' dei Giosi by word of mouth, since Covelo di Terlago is slightly off the beaten path, and come to delight in its homemade pasta and desserts.

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Villa Alta, 9a
38070 Covelo , Italy

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