Antico Gardumo

Traditional Trentino cuisine creatively revisited and redefined to promote the area's products.

Antico Gardumo  #1
Antico Gardumo #1

The restaurant ...
The restaurant, Antica Gardumo, is located in the centre of Ronzo and is the result of skilled renovation works carried out on an ancient family-held property. A special effort was made to preserve its original features, as well as its walls, doors and the gorgeous beams that decorate its ceiling. The restaurant has a large terrace where guests can dine during the summer as well as a comfortable car park.
The restaurateur...
Chef Giovanni works with his wife Erika and manages the restaurant with great flair, offering guests a taste of revisited Trentino dishes that have been creatively redefined to promote the traditional products of the area.
The restaurant boasts elegantly presented and rigorously homemade dishes prepared using select ingredients, including its breads, pastas and desserts.


Contact & Directions

via ai Piani, 1
38060 Ronzo Chienis , Italy

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