Antica Trattoria Al Volt

Traditional Trentino country restaurant

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Antica Trattoria Al Volt #1
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The restaurant ...
Antica Trattoria al Volt is a traditional Trentino country restaurant.
Located in the heart of Trento, just a short distance away from the old walls, the restaurant was built in 1894 (its name is a clear reference to the architectural feature of its ceiling and can, in fact, be translated to "At the Vault"). Here, guests can enjoy a traditional atmosphere and savour the aromas of "homemade" Trentino cooking. Each dish is served only during its traditional season and include real delicacies such as peclin (smoked herring with potatoes, venison tagliatelle, stragolapreti with butter and sage, strong goulash, canederli soup - a "poor" dish that has always been prominently in the region's kitchens - polenta with mushroom and cheese and other delights).
Its wine list only contains regional products, with robust flavours that can be savoured in combination with the dishes.
The restaurateur...
The restaurant is run by the Tomasi family and can cater for up to 30 guests in a single room, complete with a bar. The bar is one of the top meeting points in the city between 10.30 and noon, when the service is interrupted so that the focus can be placed solely on the dining room. Mrs Franca is the queen of the kitchen. There, she prepares the restaurant's specialties, that is, an array of traditional Trentino dishes. The owners' aim is to offer simple, traditional Trentino dishes while fully respecting their seasonality.


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via S. Croce, 16
38100 Trento , Italy

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