Gruppo del Brenta

A part of the Rhaetian Alps, the Brenta Dolomites extend for a length of 42 km and a width of 12 km and cover an overall area of 436 square kilometres.

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The Dolomites are named after the naturalist Deodat de Dolomieu, who, discovering the calcium and magnesium carbonate composition of the rocks, also known as Dolostone or dolomitic rock, has thus given his name to this particular mountain range. The group is bounded to the north by the Valleys of Sole and Non, while to the east the Meledrio, Campiglio and Rendena Valleys separate it from the Brenta and Presanella massifs. The entire Dolomites area is part of the Adamello-Brenta Nature Reserve.
The highest peak, Cima Tosa, is 3173 metres high. The entire district is traditionally a destination for excursionists and alpinists, who are particularly attracted by the landscape and the large number of mountain refuges, accommodation facilities and equipped hiking trails. A great love for alpinism and passion for the region that originated in the mid-19th century and still continues unchanged today.



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APT Madonna di Campiglio
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38086 Madonna di Campiglio , Italy

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Apr 19
Max Temp. (C): 12°
Temp. Min. (C): -2°
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