Ecomuseo dell'Argentario

A trail featuring history and nature through what used to be the most important mining area in Trentino.

 Ecomuseo dell'Argentario
 Ecomuseo dell'Argentario
 Ecomuseo dell'Argentario


Protecting and highlighting Argentario, the plateau near Trento boasting a great historical, natural and anthropic value, is the mission of the Ecomuseo, in partnership with the local municipalities of Fornace, Civezzano and Albiano. Its very name, stemming from "argento", or silver, proves how the large-scale mining activities have affected the area over the past centuries both from a morphological, economic and social point of view. One of the most interesting routes here is aimed at highlighting the canòpe del monte Calisio, i.e. the silver mines which, between the 12th and 15th centuries turned the area into the most important mining district of the Prince-Bishopric of Trento. Traced with the collaboration of Trentino Alpine Troops Society, the Silver Mine Route Sentiero delle canòpe winds through the woods near Lake Santa Colomba, and leads to the mines, which are currently undergoing study and restoration projects.
The area also features a number of archaeological heritage sites, such as the Riparo Gaban, and historical sites, such as the burial grounds dating back to the Roman and Longobard times, the remains of the ancient Roman Via Claudia Augusta, the Medieval fortresses and the remains of the Austro-Hungarian forts built to guard the town during World War I. Another important feature of the area are the nature sites, such as the biotopes of Monte Barco and Le Grave, boasting some very rare species of plants and animals.


Recalling the history of quarrying Trento red stone, today a public park
On the main Civezzano road there is a characteristic 19th century fort which is extremely well conserved
Dating back to the 1950s, it offers evidence of the ancient trade of the Dorigoni family in Civezzano



- THE MINERS' TRAIL: visit to the old medieval silver mines
- ON THE TRAIL OF THE GNOMES: exploring the ancient legends of the Argentario tableland in the woods and pastures of Montepiano
- THE FIRST WORLD WAR TRAIL: visit to the Austro-Hungarian fortifications on Monte Calisio
- THE RAVINE NATURE TRAIL: visit to an area with the ruins of an ancient quarrying site


The Ecomuseo organizes:

- guided trips along the thematic itineraries and pot-holing excursions to the old silver mines
- guided historic-cultural, geographical-anthropological, speleological-archaeological visits, in collaboration with national and provincial organisations
- guided trips, initiatives and events regarding topics relating to the First World War in the area
- trips, management and maintenance of footpaths and environmental walks, with the support of SAT and del local volunteers
- educational activities and guided trips directed at schoolchildren of all ages and adults. Editorial projects and promotion of the area.