Look out over the lake

Look out over the lake


7 days in Trentino in the summer

A one-week itinerary, off the beaten path

  • 7 days
  • June, July, August, September
  • Cycling and mountain biking, Trekking and Hiking, Summer outdoor

SUMMER – Silent pastures with Dolomites on the horizon, waterfalls hidden in the woods, churches perched atop rocks and the serenity of life in mountain villages, where the days are marked by the rhythm of nature. Today we want to accompany you on a journey to discover a different Trentino that you may have never seen before. A week-long trip, off the beaten path, to capture the most genuine soul of our mountains.

Our journey can only start from Trento, which will be the base of our itinerary. We recommend that you spend your nights in different places along your way, since this is the best way to explore Trentino. If you prefer, however, you can also establish your “base camp” in Trento and plan small day trips to return there every evening. From the capital city, you can reach all of the recommended destinations by car within an hour and a half, or just a little more.

What do you say, should we go?

Morning: A walk in the center and visit to the Galleries

Well, you are in Trento! Now, you just have to explore the city. After a walk in the historic centre and its Renaissance palaces, you will surely stop to visit the Duomo, the Buonconsiglio Castle and the MUSE, the city’s innovative natural science museum.

But we also want to recommend a few gems that not everyone knows: the first is Le Gallerie, two exhibition spaces created inside two former road tunnels. It would be worth visiting them for this reason alone, but our recommendation stems from the Museum’s rich programme of temporary exhibitions and its multimedia installations that tell the history and stories of Trentino and beyond.

It will take you less than a fifteen-minute walk from the train station to reach this destination.


Afternoon: Walk to Doss Trento and panorama from Sardagna

After seeing Le Gallerie, you could take a walk on Doss Trento, right nearby. This is the hill on which stands the monumental mausoleum of Cesare Battisti, an Italian irredentist patriot. To get there, a beautiful walk awaits you which also passes through a tunnel built by the Alpine troops in the Great War. Once up, you have a large green lawn in front of you and a beautiful view of the city. Ideal for breathing in the scent of nature, a stone's throw from the centre!

On the way back, stop to visit the National Historical Museum of the Alpini (free entry). Reopened in 2021, after intense renovation work, it tells you the story of one of the most beloved military corps of all time.

If you want to end the day in style, take the cable car located along the Adige river and reach the hamlet of Sardagna, to admire Trento from above, thanks to the new panoramic terrace.


Day 2: In Primiero, to admire the Pale di San Martino

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Morning: In the Primiero, to admire the Pale di San Martino

You are probably already familiar with this Dolomite group standing between Trentino and Veneto. The walk we recommend, however, is not one of the most popular ones; it takes you to the green pastures of Val Canali, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of these mountains.

It is a loop trail suitable for all guests, even if it is quite long (four hours, from start to finish). It is also the farthest stage of this itinerary from Trento: the excursion starts from Fosna (municipality of Siror), a two-hour car ride from Trento. But we assure you that it is all worth it!

Generally, the trail is not too crowded. It crosses wide flowery meadows, barns, mountain huts and grazing cows, all in view of the imposing Pale di San Martino. An idyllic setting, perfect for an outdoor picnic.


Afternoon: In the village of Mezzano

After this enjoyable walk, you can relax in one of the beautiful mountain villages in the Primiero valley, like Imer, with its small church of San Silvestro, towering above the town, or Mezzano, one of Italy’s most beautiful medieval villages.

Our advice is to stop for dinner in one of the restaurants in the village.

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Day 3: In Val di Cembra, in search of waterfalls

Piramidi di Segonzano | © Foto Archivio Apt Pinè e Cembra

Morning: In Val di Cembra, in search of waterfalls

If you have decided to spend the night in Mezzano, you are just an hour and a half drive from the starting point of the third leg: the town of Piazze di Bedollo, on the Piné plateau. If, on the other hand, you depart from Trento, you just need a little more than half an hour by car.

A walk full of surprises awaits you! The first leg of the excursion goes into the gorge, passing through stone steps and moss-covered rocks. After a thirty-minute walk, paying attention to slippery stones, you reach the 36-metre high Cascata del Lupo waterfall

If you are physically fit, we recommend that you walk (for almost two hours) along the path that leads to the Earth Pyramids of Segonzano, spectacular earth pinnacles sculpted by nature.


Afternoon: In the Piana Rotaliana

After this walk, get back in the car and reach the Ciucioi Garden in Lavis, in Piana Rotaliana. It is a unique place: a hanging garden where ruins and vegetation interplay to give life to a dreamlike landscape with a romantic and decadent charm.

You may not know it, but this is the land of the famous Teroldego, the “prince” of Trentino wines. You can’t leave without tasting it! In the area there are many wineries that offer tastings, enjoyable experiences and guided tours. You just have to choose the cellar and...cheers!



Day 4: in Val di Non, through the sacred and the mysterious

Castel-Valer-Apt-Val-di-Non | © Castel-Valer-Apt-Val-di-Non

Morning: In San Romedio, between sacredness and mystery

For the fourth leg of our journey we propose a very special experience: a walk in a canyon carved into the rock, from which you can reach a place with a mystical charm. We are talking about the canyon trail that leads to the Sanctuary of San Romedio, one of the most famous churches in Trentino. Standing on a cliff, the Sanctuary comprises several churches and chapels built in different periods, which follow the shape of the rock and are connected to each other by a steep 131-step staircase literally covered with votive offerings left by pilgrims.

The walk starts from Sanzeno, in Val di Non, where you also find the Rhaetian Museum whose “time well” tells the story of the valley and of the ancient Rhaetian people. The Sanctuary is definitely worth a visit.


Afternoon: Between lakes and castles

For lunch, how about stopping for a picnic on the shores of the Coredo and Tavon lakes? You can get there on foot via a path that, from the Sanctuary, leads directly to the lakes. It is a 30-minute uphill walk... of course, keep in mind that it will be downhill on your way back, but also an opportunity to work off your lunch!

You can use the afternoon to dip into the past. In the area there are many castles, the most famous of which is Castel Thun, always very popular, especially in summer. However, we recommend Castel Valer, in Tassullo. The frescoes in the San Valerio Chapel will surprise you!

Note: before starting your trip to the Castle, take a look at the opening hours


Day 5: In Val di Sole


Morning and afternoon: an excursion for those who are fit

If you love trekking, in Val di Sole you will find many trails suitable for different categories of hikers. From easy ones, like the walk that leads to the suspension bridge over the Rio Ragaiolo waterfalls, to more challenging ones.

The walk we recommend is a medium difficulty one; this means it is best suited for fit walkers, as it includes some stretches that must be tackled with some caution. It is the so-called “Trekking to the Cevedale lakes”, a loop trail requiring almost six hours to complete, with an altitude variance of about 700 metre and an exciting view of the imposing peaks of the Cevedale mountain chain. The walk starts from Prabon, about an hour and a half by car from Trento.

The beauty of this itinerary is that you can stop many times along the way, each time taking a break by a different lake. Lago delle Marmotte, Lago Lungo, Lago Nero and Lago delle Lame… marvelous alpine lakes of glacial origin, set in the mountains.

A small tip for you: if you have a pair of snow crampons, put them in your backpack, just to be sure. Even in late summer, you may come across a few short stretches covered in ice.


Day 6: Towards Vallagarina

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Day 6: On Mount Baldo, to admire Lake Garda from above

We are almost at the end of our itinerary, and making our way back to Trento. Put on your boots once again, as we leave for another excursion, this time to the discovery of Monte Baldo, famous for the incredible richness of its flora and fauna, which have turned this site into a treasure trove of biodiversity.

The excursion we recommend, which takes you to the summit of Monte Altissimo where the Damiano Chiesa Hut is located, could be quite busy in summer, but we would like to recommend it anyway, because the view that awaits you at the top is one you cannot miss.

The walk takes about three and a half hours to complete, but the trail is not particularly challenging if you are fit. Once you reach the top, you can enjoy a 360-degree view stretching from Lake Garda to the mountains: from the Adamello to the Small Dolomites, through the Brenta Group and the Pasubio.


Afternoon: In Ala and Rovereto

In the afternoon you could stop to visit the town of Ala, famous for its Baroque atmosphere, which was awarded an Orange Flag by the Italian Touring Club. Or, you could stop in Rovereto, a city with an elegant “Venetian” charm. Here the MART, the famous modern and contemporary art museum, and the castle overlooking the city are definite must-see locations.

In the evening, you just have to choose from the many restaurants and taverns in the historic centre, among which “Senso”, the restaurant of the starred chef Alfio Ghezzi, stands out.


Day 7: In the mountains of Alpe Cimbra


Morning: Jump on an MTB

After all these walks, it is time to book a MTB (even electric, if you prefer) to explore Alpe Cimbra, about an hour's drive from Trento. Here, between Folgaria, Lavarone, Luserna and the Vigolana mountain, you pedal through woods, mountain pastures, dairy huts, and high-altitude WWI trenches. Among the mountain bike itineraries there is certainly the legendary 100 km dei Forti: a trail full of history to be tackled in a single stage, or a little at a time, stopping for overnight stays along the route... this way, you can spend a few more days with us in Trentino!


Afternoon: In Luserna and on the Lavarone lake

After this beautiful ride, stop in Luserna, which in 2021 was added to the list of Italy’s Most Beautiful Medieval Villages. Just think that Cimbrian, an ancient language that has been handed down from generation to generation, is still spoken in this mountain village! Before returning to your base, take a break at Lake Lavarone, whose banks the great Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis, found ideal for some rest and recreation.

This leg concludes your Trentino vacation, but also marks the beginning of a journey of discovery that changes from season to season and from area to area. So, come back and visit us, we have many other itineraries ready for you!