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Monte Baldo

Mount Baldo massif extends from Trentino to the area around Verona.

Monte Baldo
Monte Baldo
Vallagarina - Monte Baldo

Located at the west end of Vicenza Prealps, the Baldo mountain chain is an isolated, rectangle-shaped massif extending for nearly 40 km from Trentino to the area around Verona, winding along the coast of Lake Garda. It includes two distinct sectors: the actual Mount Baldo, which goes from San Vigilio point to Bocca Navene, and the Altissimo di Nago, which extends from Bocca Navene up to the Loppio saddle. The name "Baldo" probably comes from the Longobard word "Wald", meaning forest.
The surface covered by Mount Baldo measures about 320 km2. The east side of the massif is an undulating plateau comprising Mount Baldo valleys of Spiazzi and Ferrara and the lateral valleys of Mount Altissimo. This plateau overlooks Vallagarina and features numerous magnificent cliffs jutting out over the valley. The western slope descends steeply towards Lake Garda, interrupted only by the narrow tablelands of Prada, San Zeno and Albisano. From a geological standpoint, Mount Baldo mainly features limestone and Dolimitic rock. The area is characterised by wide-spread Karstic and water erosion phenomena. Baldo area offers a great variety of routes for trekking and mountain biking, boasting breathtaking panorama and views over Lake Garda. Baldo area flora is extremely rich and includes special plant and animal endemisms making it a renowned place for nature lovers and researchers.