Margherita Sarfatti

The Italian 20th century in the world

To Margherita Sarfatti, journalist, art critic and promoter of Italian art, is dedicated a research project developed in two different exhibitions at Mart Museum and Museo del Novecento in Milan in collaboration with Electa.
To better describe the role of the main protagonist of the classicism and modernity debate in the Italian and international art scene, the exhibition curated by Daniela Ferrari is based on some precious documents of the Sarfatti Fund currently kept in Mart archive. From the early beginnings to the foundation of the group of Italian 20th century artists, the exhibition tells the ambitious project of cultural expansion of Margherita Sarfatti, with particular attention to the exhibitions organized in Europe and in the Americas. This fall at Mart Museum you will admire some masterpieces of renowned artists such as Boccioni, Bucci, Casorati, Carrà, de Chirico, Dudreville, Funi, Marussig, Malerba, Morandi, Oppi, Medardo Rosso, Sironi, Severini, Wildt and many others.   Where to stay #visitrovereto suggests

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