The rocky road to the sky

Trentino’s top 5 climbs

Admiring the soaring cliffs, following their lines and outcrops, feeling the rock beneath your fingers. Climbing is more than a sport: it’s a head-to-head between you and the mountain, a challenge for body and mind. Vie ferrate, climbing walls and cliffs: Trentino is a climber’s paradise.

This region of valleys, peaks and Dolomite crags offers a variety of climbing experiences from spring through to autumn. It’s no coincidence that Trentino hosts the Rock Master event each year (except 2020 because of the pandemic). This international meet draws thousands of athletes from all over the world to the town of Arco on Lake Garda to share their passion for sport climbing.

Climbers have so many options in Trentino. Here are our Top 5!


The Policromuro cliff, Massone

This cliff in Massone di Arco is one of Italy’s most famous. It has almost a hundred routes of all grades of difficulty and steepness. The climbs begin among olive groves and end with majestic views from the top over Lake Garda and the surrounding plain.



At an altitude of 2100 metres, Paganella peak with its 18 routes is one of the area’s most spectacular cliffs. From on top, the panorama sweeps from the Adige valley and the lakes of Lamar to the Eastern Dolomites and the Lagorai group.


The forgotten cliff

In the foothills of the Brenta Dolomites, this cliff seemingly existed only in old climbing folklore. But the story has a happy ending. Discovered by climbing pioneers in the late ’80s, it closed in the ’90s only to re-open after a crowdfunding campaign by the Brenta Open Association, supported by Adam Ondra.


Toblino gorge

Not far from Castel Toblino, this cliff face is a piece of Trentino climbing history. Recently extended and revamped, its roughly 100 routes in various different sectors are suitable for climbers of all abilities.



The name of this rock face says it all: the vista over Lake Garda is breathtaking and unique. Resist the temptation to take a selfie if you can! The cliff is just a short walk from the large car park at Nago and offers around fifty climbs.

Published on 06/06/2023