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Catch Indian summer at its best

Top walks to autumn foliage

Autumn brings a riot of colours: golden yellow, rusty orange and copper red. Nature is transformed into an arboreal marvel of changing colours, from the vivid glossy green of summer to the fiery hues of the sunset, before layering the ground with a kaleidoscopic tapestry of leaves. This phenomenon is called "Fall foliage" and in Trentino you can see it at its best.

Dress to trek and bring your camera to capture the multitude of colours and shades that set the landscape ablaze. In this article, we share with you some easy walks to catch one of nature’s best shows: Indian summer in Trentino.


At the San Pietro mountain hut

This trekking route is an opportunity to discover some of the wonders of the Tenno area. It starts at Canale di Tenno, one of Italy’s most beautiful medieval villages, and leads to the San Pietro mountain hut, a beloved destination for both locals and tourists thanks to its accessibility, excellent food, and breath-taking panoramic view of Lake Garda.


Val di Fumo

You will be greeted by a spectacular glacial valley framed by forests and rocky slope sides. Here, the yellow larch trees create a stark skyline against the intense blue of the autumn sky. A highlight: the view from Rifugio Val di Fumo, around 9 o’clock when the sun shines on the highest peaks.


Forra del Lupo

A combination of trekking and history. If you listen carefully, you can almost hear the voices of soldier Ludwig and his brothers-in-arms who spent long years in this trench, echo in the distance. Today, it is a hiking trail of great historical and cultural significance, where a local guide will tell you the tale of what happened here long ago. Upon arrival, a “soldier’s lunch” (goulash, polenta, potatoes and beans) will be served.


Monte Corona

Take a relaxed walk through the woods of Monte Corona, in the Ville di Giovo area, with a stop at the Dos Paion viewpoint. The route winds its way around the mountain, plunging through a dense forest of beech, pine and fir trees, until it meets the crossroads that lead to the Dos Paion overlook. At the top, you’ll find a view of the lower Cembra Valley and the mountain chains of eastern Trentino, as well as the huge metal cross that guards the access point.


Brentonico’s Chestnut Woods

This leafy trails starts in Santa Caterina. Set off following the road which affords panoramic views over the Vallagarina, continue through the picturesque countryside and the centuries-old chestnut woods of Castione - a mediaeval town in the borough of Brentonico - worth visiting in October for its famous chestnut festival, Festa dei Marroni.


Saent Waterfalls Trail

The Saent Waterfalls loop trail leads to sparkling frothy cascades formed by the torrente Rabbies. The walk, across the Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio, showcases an impressive autumn foliage. The larch trees are particularly magnificent, displaying an astonishingly bright orange in contrast with the deep blue sky typical of early autumn days.


Lake Tovel walk

In the seventies, this lake used to turn red in colour because the unique properties of a certain algae. Today, it still offers a delightful charm and is at the height of its glory in autumn. This walk along its shores is the perfect opportunity to relax, listening to the lapping of the waves that break on small, ivory-coloured beaches.

Published on 20/08/2020