Catch Indian summer at its best

7 top walks to autumn foliage

Autumn brings a riot of colours: golden yellow, rusty orange and copper red. Nature is transformed into an arboreal marvel of changing colours, from the vivid glossy green of summer to the fiery hues of the sunset, before layering the ground with a kaleidoscopic tapestry of leaves. This phenomenon is called "Fall foliage" and in Trentino you can see it at its best.

Dress to trek and bring your camera to capture the multitude of colours and shades that set the landscape ablaze. In this article, we share with you 7 easy walks to catch one of nature’s best shows: Indian summer in Trentino.

Brentonico’s Chestnut Woods

This leafy trails starts in Santa Caterina. Set off following the road which affords panoramic views over the Vallagarina, continue through the picturesque countryside and the centuries-old chestnut woods of Castione - a mediaeval town in the borough of Brentonico - worth visiting in October for its famous chestnut festival, Festa dei Marroni.

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From Cembra to Lago Santo

A relaxed autumn excursion that starts from Lago Santo, just above Cembra, and follows the European Path E5 through the multi-coloured woodland to Passo Zise, a lookout point with views over beautiful rolling vineyards. The walk continues to Rifugio Potzmauer: here, let the manger Roberto guide you through some culinary specialities, all locally sourced.

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Val di Fumo

You will be greeted by a spectacular glacial valley framed by forests and rocky slope sides. Here, the yellow larch trees create a stark skyline against the intense blue of the autumn sky. A highlight: the view from Rifugio Val di Fumo, around 9 o’clock when the sun shines on the highest peaks.

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San Martino Sanctuary

The legend tells of a hermit who lived in this hideout, surviving thanks to a tamed bear that fetched him bread. Retrace the story by walking this fascinating trail when the woods glow with the intense autumn colours.

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Beech Tree Trail In Paganella

A captivating trail amongst the beech trees of Fai della Paganella, suitable for the whole family, to discover the local flora and wildlife. From the comfort of two wooden loungers, gaze at the swaying tree tops and listen to the rustling sound of the wind: it’s nature in concert!

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Cordognè San Giovanni: Autumn Glow in the Woods

Walking his theme trail is like watching nature painting a canvas. The beech trees burst with dazzling autumn hues, from golden yellows to blazing reds. As the trees shed their leaves, spectacular sceneries are revealed: from the Pale di San Martino to Monte Pavione, from the luscious pastures of San Giovanni to the jewel-coloured Lake Val Noana.

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Saent Waterfalls Trail

The Saent Waterfalls loop trail leads to sparkling frothy cascades formed by the torrente Rabbies. The walk, across the Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio, showcases an impressive autumn foliage. The larch trees are particularly magnificent, displaying an astonishingly bright orange in contrast with the deep blue sky typical of early autumn days.

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