Fall Foliage - hunting for the perfect picture

The thousand hues of autumn in these top 5 itineraries

Hiking boots on your feet and camera around your neck. Autumn is the best time of the year to capture - through a digital eye - the many colours that nature gives us.

Yellow, orange, red and gold: these are the colours that fill the forests and valleys of Trentino in this wonderful season. So here are 5 easy autumn hikes, for those who are in search of the perfect shot. Good light!


Tovel Lake - Val di Non

Its waters are surprisingly clear, with incredible shades of blue and green. All around, the picturesque view of the Northern Brenta Group, and the colourful woods. It is possible to take a picture stopping on one of the little beaches you find as you make your way around the lake. While in summer the prevailing colour is green, in autumn there is an infinite number of shades. And each one is wonderfully superb.


Lake Toblino - Valle dei Laghi

Lake Toblino is a unique place, truly a photographer's paradise. Its surroundings are painted with a thousand tones, and the reflections to be captured are truly enchanting. The best time to photograph it, in autumn, is in the early morning, when the mist makes everything look more magical and surreal. Or in the evening, to capture the colours of the sunset. We suggest following the lakeside path, which starts near the roundabout with the crossroad for Santa Massenza, to try different frames and to take really original pictures.


Val di Fumo - Giudicarie

A splendid, ample valley of glacial origin leads you to a green valley bottom, surrounded by woods and cliff faces. In autumn, the larches turn yellow, in contrast with the blue of the sky. We suggest being at the Val di Fumo Mountain Hut at 9 in the morning, when the sun hits the highest peaks.


Lago Nero - Madonna di Campiglio

One of the most photographed places ever, due to the spectacular sunset on the Brenta Dolomites, reflected in its waters. There are so many opportunities to picture: the lakes melting in late spring, and the breathtaking dawns and sunsets in autumn. The best time? Early in the morning to capture the incredible silhouette of the Dolomites, or with the sun at your back, from mid-afternoon to sunset.


Madonnina di Besta - Ledro

The high ground where the Madonnina di Besta is located can be reached on foot, starting behind the Museo delle Palafitte in Molina di Ledro. From here, you can admire a beautiful view of Lake Ledro, and get a close-up of the statue of the Madonnina. In the morning, in autumn, the light is still low and grazing, and gives the picture more depth. Colours in this season are burnt, with yellow and red leaves and vegetation making the landscape truly breathtaking.

Published on 06/06/2023