Hidden places, awaiting discovery

Wandering around to discover little-known corners, suitable for meditation

Are you in a meditative mood? Do you need some time alone to think? We would like to invite you to get to know a few places that are different from the usual ones, that tell you a story, and that are not just beautiful as a landscape. Here are a few places and walks where you can discover unusual, fascinating places that will stimulate your imagination and thoughts.

The Thinking Christ

The beauty of Creation: from the natural balcony of Monte Castellazzo, you can see the most beautiful view of the majestic Pale di San Martino Group. The easy "Trekking del Cristo Pensante" [Hike of the Thinking Christ] will put you in contact with your most spiritual side, surrounded by nature.


Sanctuary of San Romedio

A voyage through time and the traditions of popular devotion: this is the sanctuary of San Romedio in Val di Non. Through a spectacular route carved in the rock, you will reach this rocky place, built on multiple levels, for centuries the destination of people asking for grace and bringing votive donations.


Irone, the ghost town

A group of farmsteads and chalets in the middle of the mountains. Irone - the town in the Central Giudicarie, wiped out by the plague in 1630 - is surrounded by many stories and fascinating legends. Walking through the lanes and the "chapel of the infected", listening the the tales of the few inhabitants.


Forte Pozzacchio, Trambileno

A picturesque wartime fortress, in the heart of the mountains, above Rovereto. A series of events that will let you relive, thanks to representations, readings, and choral concerts, the testimony and emotions of the soldiers in the First World War.

Published on 16/10/2019