Looking for Mushrooms in Trentino

The best spots, useful information, and our advice: a complete guide

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Mushrooms that can be found in Trentino in the fall
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Porcini, Chanterelle, Honey Mushroom and many other varieties of mushrooms can be found in Trentino. So bring your woven basket, head out into the woods, and let the intense scent guide you. Autumn is the best season for picking mushrooms. A moment of true relaxation, accompanied by the challenge of the search for the largest Porcino. The pleasure lies in walking slowly, staring intently at the leaves, insisting in the search and finally - of course! - finding the mushrooms.

There are so many places where you can go looking for mushrooms in Trentino. The ones we have chosen to mention here are our top places. And, when you have finished your walk, you can cook mouthwatering risottos, or combine your harvest with main courses of meat, polenta, and cheese. A truly tasty recipe involves a deer steak on a bed of Yellow Foot mushrooms and a Marzemino grape sauce.

Here is some practical advice for collecting mushrooms, the best places to find them, and the golden rules to follow. And happy hunting!


Looking for mushrooms between a waterfall and a monumental tree. Val di Fieme is a beloved spot among mushroom enthusiasts, also due to the comfortable accessibility of the wooded areas.


They are found abundantly in the woods and in numerous tasty traditional dishes: in Val di Sole you will find plenty of mushrooms. In this area, you can also go on guided tours with an expert.


Collecting mushrooms can become a true passion. In Val di Non you can head out into the woods, search among the leaves and bushes, and find out where these great little treasures are hiding.


The woods of the Valsugana and Lagorai are renowned for the presence of numerous species of mushrooms: Chanterelle, Porcini, Honey Mushrooms, and Bloody Milkcap.
Published on 06/06/2023