High routes, autumn trekking on the Dolomites

Top 5 trekking tours for high mountain excursions in autumn

Nature slows down, temperatures are mild and mountains paths are free of the summer crowds. In Autumn, mountains show a more poetic and mystical side, lending themselves to great trekking experiences at high altitude. It’s time to pack - don’t forget to bring few layers - fasten your hiking boots and get ready for a memorable excursion on the high routes of the Dolomites. Many lift systems are still in operation and some mountain huts extend their season to mid-October.

Here, we share with you 5 trekking tours in Trentino, different challenges in different locations. Pick the best one for you!


Antermoia tour, Val di Fassa

This hut-to-hut tour starts from the Gardeccia basin, accessible up to mid-November via a mini-bus service from Pera di Fassa. Follow the route to Rifugio Preuss and Vajolet, continue for rifugio Passo Principe and further ahead to rifugio Antermoia at the base of the great Catinaccio. Climb to Passo Dona and descend through the Val Duron. This is a demanding excursion.


Cristo Pensante (The Thinking Christ) - Pale di San Martino

A trail that combines a panoramic tour of the Pale di San Martino with a more spiritual purpose. From the Val Venegia, the route starts off on an easy flat ground and wends more steeply leading to the top of Monte Castellazzo (2333m) where the landmark of the Thinking Christ stands. An easy trek suitable to everyone.


Lago delle Malghette Campiglio

Thanks to the Pradalago chairlift operating until mid-November (every Saturday and Sunday in October and every day from 1st to 4th November) you can make the most of trekking in Campiglio. The eponymous mountain hut - also open during autumn - is the starting point of many excursions. We recommend the fascinating escursion to Lago delle Malghette.


Val Canali – Pale di San Martino

The route winds through one of the most celebrated valleys in the Pale di San Martino area. You will walk at the base of cloud-scraping rock spires where the audacious quests of alpine pioneers made history. You will stride across scree, rocky outcrops and short exposed stretches fitted with fixed steel cables to reach Rifugio Pradidali. This excursion is rated of moderate difficulty.


Lago Denza - Val di Sole

This itinerary is not easily forgotten, especially owing to the close encounter with the north face of the “queen” Presanella, the highest peak in Trentino. In spite of the harshness of the rock, which dominates the higher altitudes together with the rhododendrons, the trail is well marked and well kept. Breathtaking view, difficulty: medium.

Published on 16/10/2019