Family-friendly museums

Discover the museums of Trentino that organise fun activities for children

When travelling with kids, we tend to exclude certain activities "for adults": exhibitions and museums are generally out of the question or are not enthusiastically received by children. But if you are planning a holiday in Trentino with your family, feel free to include a few children's museums in your schedule. You can be sure your children will not begrudge you for it.

Throughout the year, the museums and castles of Trentino organise several activities designed specifically for younger visitors, but which are no less demanding. Thanks to creative workshops, dedicated playgrounds and special events, these museums allow everyone to experience history, science and art as though they were a fun game. And especially to learn while enjoying themselves.

Discover all the cultural initiatives available for children.


Nature and science

Forbidden NOT to touch. At the MUSE, the Science Museum of Trento, children can discover and learn through touch. The sensory journey "Maxi Ooh" ("Big Wow") is designed specifically for children, while adults can explore their creativity in the "Tinker Fun" space. Don't miss the experience of "Nanna at the Museum" ("Night at the Museum"): a unique opportunity for the whole family to experience the Muse by night.


The Great War

In a picturesque path between the fortified towers and the underground passages of the Castello di Rovereto, even kids can approach such a sensitive topic as that of war and conflicts. The War Museum offers two tours: the armies and wars that occurred between the 19th century and the Great War, and the Castle and the weapons of the modern age, organised slightly differently depending on the age of the young visitors.


Art for children

At the Mart in Rovereto, modern and contemporary art are child-friendly. In the colourful rooms of the "Baby Mart" permanent space, children can play, draw and read while the adults visit the Museum. Or the whole family can participate in the Little Mart workshops and several others designed to stimulate creativity and help you discover art.


Traditions and customs of yesteryear

At the Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente Trentina (Museum of the traditions and customs of the people of Trentino) in San Michele all'Adige you can rediscover the past and the traditions and culture of the local population, thanks to the opportunity to see the hand crafts and customs of the past first hand. For children, the museum offers a wide range of educational courses and workshops: like the Giocamuseo (Play Museum), which allows them to learn and build games from the past.


A journey into prehistory

If you are travelling with a family of little Indiana Jones who can't wait to go out exploring for cavemen, in Trentino there is one place you definitely will want to visit: the Museo delle Palafitte (Museum of pile dwellings) in Fiavè. This museum caters especially to children, with educational tours, fun activities and archaeology workshops for them.


All in flight

Young pilots develop and learn at the Museo dell’Aeronautica (Air Force Museum) Caproni of Trento. In fact, the first collection of aeroplanes and memorabilia related to aviation in the world is on display at the museum. In addition, children but also adults are sure to be fascinated with the flight simulators, which allow you to experience what it feels like to pilot a helicopter, a glider or a piper.

Published on 06/06/2023