Beauty from the saddle of your bike

The best season for mtb is about to start on the best terrain. The autumnal woods

The moment you step on your bike, you leave barriers behind. Inside and outside merge to give you a feeling of continuity, like there’s no place you can’t reach. This is especially true outside the urban scene, where natural settings provide a different perspective. They are not limiting elements but instead, they integrate with your sporting activity. When it comes to the two wheels, sport stops being a routine exercise or a fitness regime to become an immersive experience.

Autumn in Trentino offers the perfect conditions to go exploring on your mtb. Temperatures are cooler, the weather is generally more stable - so no risk of getting caught in a summer storm - and the sun shines bright on the stunning landscape that is blooming once again before fading into a winter slumber.

Pedalling through the woods has lots of pluses. One is aromatherapy: the earthy smells of moist soil, of crunchy underwood, of mushrooms, leaves and bark that saturate the air. As you get higher up the mountain with the lifts – fortunately, some are still in service – the air becomes crispier hinting at the ski season waiting just around the corner… in few months you will be swapping your bike for skis. But now you are here, all geared up: gloves, few layers, water pouch and energy bars, all in your backpack. You fasten your helmet and as you gaze across the horizon, you can feel it: no barriers, just freedom to ride.

We have put together a guide to mtb tours and experiences to do this autumn, graded by levels of difficulty and technical elements. Read through all the information so you can choose the more suitable one for your level of preparation. Don’t forget to have fun!

E-mountain bike in the park

E-mountain bike in the park

If you don’t have much training in your legs, but still don’t want to forgo the chance of enjoying the woods in autumn, this experience is perfect for you. Led by a park guide, you will ride through the Parco Naturale di Paneveggio and encounter its impressive habitants. Listen out for their mating call!

Sightseeing biketours in autumn

Tour of the Sun - Val di Sole

There’s still plenty of time to climb the mountains thanks to the lift systems still operating in autumn, like the cable car Pradalago in Madonna di Campiglio. This way you can easily reach the top without breaking a sweat and enjoy the downhill ride to the centre of town.

Tour Lago dei Caprioli

Tour Lago dei Caprioli

If are you are seasoned biker with quite a lot of training under your belt (you will need it given the 2000 metre vertical drop), this is a tour you can’t miss! Ride the best trails in Val di Sole, arena of the 2018 MTB World Cup.

Tremalzo Enduro Caset

Tremalzo Enduro Caset

A perfect opportunity to discover one of Trentino’s most authentic corners: the Ledro Valley, with its pristine nature, abundance of wood and beautiful autumnal sky, often crossed by migrating flocks. A patch of heaven ideal to explore on two wheels.

Big Hero

Big Hero

If you want to end the season on a high note with a dynamic downhill featuring jumps and berms, this flow trail, in the Molveno’s bike park, is the real deal. Just one ride will be enough to convince to do it again. Thankfully, you will be served by an efficient lift system.


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