Nature is enough to make you feel well

5 activities to let go of your routine and regenerate

Sometimes a holiday is not enough of a break. According to recent research, it seems in fact that 7 out of 10 people in fact check their work e-mails and messages while they are on holiday as well, up to 80 times a day!

If you also find it difficult to stick everything in a drawer as well and only open it when you get back, we recommend coming to see us. In various areas of the Trentino, there are many activities you can enjoy immersed in nature aimed at helping you find balance and well-being.

The surrounding nature is what is most helpful. Being in contact with greenery, away from the city, is good for the soul, for your blood pressure, it regulates your metabolism and reduces anxiety and stress. Its benefits can last several days, or even various weeks the longer you spend in the woods.

How to start? Easy: this autumn, choose one of the 5 activities in 5 different Trentino areas, turn off your phone and come see us!


Forest Bathing, Val di Cembra

You don't just bathe in the sea or in the lake! In Val Cembra, you can discover bathing in the forest, a two-hour experience in contact with nature.  To restore your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Activity recommended for 12 years and older.


Dolomiti Natural Wellness, Madonna di Campiglio

At the foot of the Italian Alps in Brenta, 'Dolomiti Natural Wellness' takes you into the wilds of the Adamello Brenta Park to try yoga, barefoot walking, and breathing exercises with your wellness trainer.


Parco del Respiro, Dolomiti Paganella

“Parco del Respiro” is the Forest Therapy area of Fai della Paganella: a beechwood where you can find well-being and balance though simple practices such as tree hugging and walking barefoot. Open to anyone, benefitting everyone!


Barefoot Trail, San Martino di Castrozza

The first town in Italy to take part in the Barefoot Academy project founded by Andrea Bianchi, San Martino di Castrozza boasts three well-organized trails for this barefoot experience. Use the QR Codes along the trail to access the video tutorials.


In the Valley of Well-being, Valsugana

Valsugana, the first destination to have obtained the sustainable tourism certification, offers various forms of well-being over 4 and more days dedicated to wellness by getting to know its thermal waters, the contemporary art of Arte Sella, the expert hands of wellness experts and the healthy flavour of organic products.

Published on 01/09/2023