Forests alive with colour

How about an autumn weekend immersed to nature? Here are a few fantastic suggestions!

Some tips for an autumn weekend close to nature
Some tips for an autumn weekend close to nature
Valle di Ledro - Rifugio Nino Pernici

Close your eyes and try to imagine walking through a forest on a crisp autumn day. Feel the breeze gently caressing your face, hear the rustling of the leaves underfoot as they blanket the ground like a soft golden carpet. Now imagine opening your eyes and gazing upwards onto a natural ceiling of orange and gold. Quite emotional, isn’t it?

Now, remain in silence and tend your ears. With a little patience, and a dose of luck, you’ll hear an ancient sound, as powerful as a battle cry, as romantic as a love song: the unmistakeable bellowing of a red deer. Have you ever heard it? We have. It’s a sound that echoes in your ears for hours, but rests in your heart forever.

This is just one of the many experiences to be enjoyed in autumn in the mountains and woodlands of Trentino. Ready to learn about the rest?

Autumn leaves

What could be more pleasant than admiring the woods as they turn to red, orange and gold? Here we suggest 7 walks that will allow you to truly appreciate the delicate hues of autumn.

The red deer calls!

This primordial sound is something you can never forget. The sound of a red deer stag bellowing, added to an untouched natural environment, makes for a truly emotional experience. Here’s where to go.

Open mountain huts 

A mountain hut, or rifugio, is the place to go if you want to absorb the atmosphere of an autumn in the mountains. After a pleasant walk, what could be better than a hot plate of polenta and a cosy setting?

Farmhouse restaurants

What do you say to waking up in the morning, stepping outside and taking a deep breath of fresh forest air?  Here are 5 farmhouse restaurants, or agriturismo, immersed in unspoilt nature.
Published on 06/06/2023