6 autumn hikes to enjoy with kids

Would you like to walk in the woods, play among the coloured leaves or go hunting for chestnuts?

What kid doesn’t like to trample the leaves curled up along the trails in autumn, trying to gather chestnuts and tuck them in his or her pockets? In this wonderful season of the year, the mountains empty out, becoming even more child-friendly. Beeches and chestnuts dress-up with curled leaves of a thousand shades and the golden-yellow larches seem to be on fire. It’s a natural phenomenon known as foliage, when nature explodes into a thousand colours, the sky is deep blue and the crisp air tickles the lungs.

Want to know where you can enjoy this sight in Trentino with your children? Here are our suggestions. And after a spirit-lifting walk, it’s time for the whole family to enjoy a snack with strudel and roast chestnuts!


Adventure on the Tibetan bridge, Val di Sole

The larches of the Val di Rabbi in autumn transform and the ochre yellow of their new dress dazzles you: it’s a spectacle of nature. In addition, if you combine a walk with a crossing on the Tibetan bridge suspended over the Ragaiolo creek and a tasty snack at Malga Fratte dairy hut, your kids will be ever grateful!


Along the Vallesinella waterfalls, Madonna di Campiglio

Waterfalls and rivulets of water chasing each other and playing hide and seek among the rocks, suspended wooden bridges and fragrant spruce trees all around you: what better place to spend outdoors, playing and building makeshift dams? Take your children on a discovery of the Vallesinella waterfalls along the trail of the Archduke.


Discovering 'Al Meleto' (to the Apple Orchard), Val di Non

Who hasn’t tasted a sweet and crisp apple at least once in their life? We all have, but few instead know how they grow and their varieties, the insects, friends and enemies of plants, the parts of an apple orchard and the reason why there are so many in Val di Non. Walking along the Al Meleto trail you will discover all the secrets of this world in a playful way!


'Acqua e Faggi' trail, Dolomiti Paganella

Surrounded by a forest of beech trees, the trail dedicated to water runs along the brook coming from Fai, between narrow valleys, small waterfalls and picturesque views. After crossing a few bridges, you reach a panoramic tower overlooking the Valle dell’Adige. And if you find a frog...don’t kiss it, or it could turn into a prince!


Busatte – Tempesta  trail, overlooking Lake Garda

The trail unwinds high up on the slopes of Monte Baldo, alternating between hanging bridges on the rock (which are entirely safe to cross, though) and long terraces from where you can admire the deep blue of Lake Garda. On your way back, if your children still have some energy left, you can climb and test your balance in the Adventure Park of Busatte.


At the springs of the Chiese River, Val di Fumo

A comfortable walk on an uphill trail for an hour and a half between green meadows, wooden bridges, waterfalls and gurgling streams, where the water of the Chiese River makes its way between stones and rocks. If you are lucky, you will also encounter horses freely grazing in the fields, and don’t forget to enjoy the strudel at the Val di Fumo mountain hut.

Published on 25/08/2023