6 snow-free outdoor activities you can do in winter

Did you know that you can go hiking, climbing and mountain biking even in winter?

WINTER 2023/2024 – What would you say to a mountain biking tour? How about a hike in the woods or even crag climbing? You would probably think it had to wait until next spring, when the snow has melted and the mild temperatures have returned. But what if we told you that you could do all this even in winter?

After all, Trentino has a wide variety of areas with different landscapes, altitudes, and especially climates. The Garda area, for example, enjoys a year-round Mediterranean climate, which means cool summers and mild winters: ideal for outdoor activities even in December and January. Or, there is the Valsugana lakes area, which lets you go on beautiful walks without needing snowshoes or crampons.

Here are some ideas for some outdoor activities, off season!


A low-altitude hike

In the Lake Garda area there are many excursions that you can do even in winter: one of these is the medium-difficulty loop trail that stretches from Massone up through the Ir Valley to the Pezol Belvedere. From here the view includes most of the lake and the villages of Arco, Torbole and Riva del Garda, divided by Monte Brione. The trial has excellent exposure to the sun despite mainly running through woods, thus making it perfect even in the colder months.


Crag climbing

If you love climbing, the Garda area also allows you to enjoy the sport in winter! In the Valle della Sarca and Valle dei Laghi, for example, you can continue climbing the sunny rocks even between one year and another.


How about a ride on an electric mountain bike?

Also in the Lake Garda area, you can treat yourself to a ride on an e-MTB during the winter. When doing this, we recommend setting off after a nice group breakfast on a ride that takes you to Mount Brione, to see the forts from World War I. Then, after a nice lunch together, it’s back to the beginning!

Lago di Tenno - Cicloturismo | © Ronny Kiaulehn

Or do you prefer road bike?

If you prefer paved roads to dirt tracks, we recommend this itinerary which can be followed by anyone. This allows you to explore the area of Lake Tenno area, also enjoying the spectacular view of Lake Garda. The is beautiful loop route with a few slight slopes along a wide and not overly crowded road!


A walk by the lake

Let’s move from the Garda area to Valsugana, where we find the Levico and Caldonazzo lakes. Among the many walks you can enjoy in this area, we recommend the Fishermen’s Trail, along the banks of Lake Levico. It is an easy walk lasting about one hour, which you can do even in the cold months.

Giuliano Mauri, Cattedrale vegetale, Copyright Arte Sella, ph. Giacomo Bianchi_39 | © Giuliano Mauri, Cattedrale vegetale, Copyright Arte Sella, ph. Giacomo Bianchi_39

Explore the artworks at Arte Sella

The last suggestion, also in Valsugana (Val di Sella to be precise) does not have much to do with sport, but we feel we should include it anyway, as it is a highly worthwhile experience. Arte Sella is an open-air art gallery where you can browse land-art works by artists from all over the world. The whole route takes about an hour and a half.

Published on 26/10/2023