Let’s pack for your holiday on the snow

Off to the snow: the essential checklist

How to pack for your holiday on the snow

Winter is on its way and you are already planning your next holiday on the snow. But to avoid leaving something essential behind, as it often happens, it’s good to get your luggage organised well in advance: you can’t leave your mountain experience to chance!

Here are our insider tips, after all, we live & breath the mountains every day.


1. It's all about the layers

We agree that, since the weather conditions can change very quicklyup in the mountains, the rule to follow is “layer up”: so, let’s not forget to pack several mid & base layers, practical and comfortable items of clothing to add on or remove as necessary. If you ski, ski jacket &salopette are essential; add sweaters and fleece jumpers plus winter trousers for all the outdoor activities. For the little ones, a two-piece ski suit will come handy in all those predictable “I need the loo” moments on the piste!


2. Thermals and base layers

The choice of base layers is very important; underwear items should be of breathable & technical material, stretchy and light to dry quickly. Add some thermal tops and trousersto wear under your ski suit.


3. Accessories

Where to begin, these are super essential items: the accessories. Socks & ski socks should be close-fitting, warm but not too thick. To keep your hands warm and dry it’s worth spending a little bit more and buying a pair of technical gloves. Don’t forget, hats, neck-warmers or scarfs, the style is up to you! For children, it’s best to double up on gloves or mittens - which are warmer and easier to wear- and hats plus plenty of socks, rest assured you can never have enough… we all know too well the little ones love jumping in the snow: wet gloves and hats gone missing are guaranteed!


4. Footwear

To comfortably walk on the mountains don’t forget to pack ski boots and après ski boots. You can leave your trainers behind for the gym!


5. Last but not least

Your luggage is ready: Is that everything? Of course not, we are missing those small invaluable items you just can’t do without. A good sun cream and lip balm with high SPF, top quality sun glasses and obviously, your camera to capture every unforgettable moment you will spend in Trentino.

Published on 06/06/2023