For Trentino, safety comes first.

In this section, you can learn more about all the measures put in place by our operators and tourist service providers to protect you and your loved ones.

On piste safety: rules for skiers and snowboarders

 Spend a carefree day on the slopes. Safety above all!

1. Respect for others!

Skiers and snowboarders must always behave in such a way so they don’t endanger others.

2. Speed control and conduct

Skiers and snowboarders must always keep their speed under control. They must adapt speed and style in accordance to their abilities, also be aware of the terrain conditions and the quality of the snow.

3. Choice of pathway

Always remember that skiers and snowboarders ahead of you have restricted visibility. Therefore, it is your responsibility- when approaching- to choose the right path to avoid collisions.   

4. Overtaking

Skiers and snowboarders can overtake from either sides or ends of the piste, leaving sufficient space for others to turn or change direction in complete safety.

5. Entering and crossing pistes

When entering or crossing a piste one must always look up and down to check for a clear way. One must also be ready to stop promptly to avoid accidents.

6. Stopping

Unless it is absolutely necessary, skiers and snowboarders should avoid stopping along narrow parts of the piste or where visibility is restricted, especially in blind spots.

7. Climbing and descending on foot

If it’s necessary to climb or descend on foot, you must keep on the side of the slope. In low visibly conditions you must not attempt the climb or the descent on foot.

8. Signs and marking

All skiers and snowboarders must obey all signs and markings.

9. Assistance

In the event of an accident it is everyone’s duty to provide assistance and first aid.
10. Identification

If you are involved in or witness of an accident, you are required to exchange name, address and personal details.

11. Minimum space for overtaking

Skiers and snowboarders must keep a minimum distance from the sides of the piste to allow others to safely overtake.

12. Equipment and routes

When on the piste you must be aware of the type of equipment used by others, such as Telemark, Snowboard, Ski Blade and therefore of their trajectories.