Learning to ski as an adult

A guide to finding your feet on the snow in Trentino

Have you ever tried on-piste skiing? Did you know that you can start learning even as an adult? If you've never tried this exhilarating sport before, you can get the opportunity to do so on the ski slopes of Trentino during your winter holiday.

Here, you’ll find ski schools with instructors specially for beginners, blue pistes which make it easy to find your feet on the snow, and ski camps which let you build confidence with your first curves. However, if you’d rather not start with downhill skiing, you can try out cross-country skiing, which also offers the option of starting from zero.

Here’s all the information you’ll need to learn about how to ski as an adult.


Where to start

Let's dive straight in: how to learn to ski, what equipment to use, who you can look to for help and where to find rental facilities. Here’s some advice from top ski instructors for adults getting to grips with this new sport.


Ski schools

A selection of the finest ski schools in Trentino which you can contact for group or individual courses. You can find professional ski instructors ready and willing to share their expertise with you as you learn to ski during your holiday in the snow.


Slopes for beginners

Where can you go to find your feet on the snow? Here we recommend the best ski areas for learners. These selected ski resorts offer modern lift systems, technical snow-making, ski camps and blue pistes; ideal for beginners.


Skiing safely

For the fullest on-piste skiing experience, you’ve got to keep a few essential rules in mind. These regulations must be respected for everybody’s safety, so we’ve put together a set of guidelines.


Cross-country skiing

In Trentino, it’s not just about downhill skiing: you can also start from scratch with cross-country skiing, a comprehensive sport which combines the benefits of sporting activities with the joy of skiing through the natural landscape. Here’s a brief guide to cross-country skiing.

Published on 06/06/2023