Pet Registry

The national registry of four-legged friends

Pet Registry: dogs, cats and ferrets

Created by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the regional administrations, the Pet Registry is the national register of dogs, cats and ferrets identified with microchips throughout Italy.

This data bank makes it possible to obtain useful information online to track the place of registration of animals and their owners. In the case of dogs, it provides information on the species, breed and gender of these friends of ours.

For those who have a dog, identification and registration with the Dog Registry are obligatory. By their second month of life, the dog is inoculated with a microchip. This small electronic device is positioned under the skin. At the same time, the owner receives a certificate of registration. This is the dog's identification document.

The certificate of registration in the pet registry must contain the microchip number, the date of implantation and its location.

In the case of cats and ferrets, registration in the Pet Registry is optional if the animal remains in Italy, while it becomes mandatory if the animal is to travel abroad.