Farmhouse inn tourism a thousand times over

Taste, silence, nature and... its creatures

Hey, yes I am talking to you. Have you ever milked a cow? And collected wild herbs that you then used in your recipes? By any chance, have your children ever tasted a freshly laid egg? Maybe they have never even seen a chick… And don’t tell me that they never tasted that cheese…! And again, have you ever slept one metre away from a forest and two metres below the sky?

In Trentino, farmhouse inns are nothing that you would expect. They are houses open to guests to share a world of gestures and rituals which  are as extraordinary as quotidian. Eat healthy and eat delicious. Sleep soundly and, I assure you, sleep well. Then, for everything else you want to experience, choose your itinerary and dive into nature.

Trust the rhythms of the earth.


A farmhouse inn for an overnight stop

Just one night in a Trentino farmhouse inn is enough to feel at home. Beyond all limits, the mountain countryside is a horizon of woods, pastures and nature. But, above all, it is full and deserved relaxation. Select your accommodation.


The Trentino flavours

Every family has its ingredients, its recipes and its secrets. And every season has its fruits, its cravings and its specialties. Indulge in the welcoming feeling of a table set especially for you and take home a memory from our land.


The educational farms of Trentino

Cows, chickens, goats, donkeys and horses. Discover the world of the farm. The Trentino farms open their doors to offer authentic experiences in nature. Discover the activities dedicated to the whole family.

Published on 22/08/2023