The memories of a journey are wreathed in authentic aromas

Dive into the delights of a family agritourism in Trentino

A farm-stay holiday is the most genuine way to get to know the mountains, the local produce and the people who grow it. You can taste authentic foods as unique as the families who create them, with their secret recipes and prized ingredients. All seasoned with a passion for quality and tradition. There’s butter, special jams, mountain honey, spiced charcuterie, sauces made with wild herbs, and mouthwatering mountain cheeses. Along with bread, pasta, juices, wine and sweet treats – all deliciously home-made!

The flavours range from the subtle to the strong, made with seasonal ingredients produced there on the farm. Savour these specialities as nature intended, relaxing in a welcoming place with your hosts taking good care of you.

What are you waiting for? Come on over for lunch, dinner or a tasty tea – and enjoy yourself.

Just don’t forget to book first!



Solasna in San Giacomo di Caldes is a large family where you can find authentic flavours. Their eco-friendly soul means they have great respect for nature and choose seasonal fresh produce and organic products, many of which come form their own farmstead. Here, you can find traditional Trentino dishes such as aromatic soups, spätzle, the ever-popular knödel, strangolapreti... as well as cold cuts and cheeses to enjoy with the typical potato tortei. Second courses change a lot, but also include typical Alpine meats such as oven-baked pork hock, tonco de pontesel or ribs, everything accompanied by the local Groppello wine!


Maso Limarò

Elegance lies in simplicity. Agritur Maso Limarò is an old mountain farmstead nestled among the rocks, where visitors can feel perfectly at home. The cuisine revolves around bread an natural bread making with selected flours made with different stone-ground cereals. Sourdough and biga are a must. The ingredients respect nature, its seasons, the homeland, the origins and history. The dishes are an expression of slow preparations and waiting. They convey the search for the essential that combines aromas, crunchy dough, hot, cold, raw and cooked elements. They boast pure, true, clean flavours that take you back to your roots.  The fun lies in letting yourself be surprised by all of this — each mouthful is a journey!


La Stropaia

Surrounded by woods and pastures, La Stropaia is located at the foothills of Mount Costalta near the Serraia Lake on the Altopiano di Pinè. The dishes take inspiration from traditional recipes but with a creative twist, with the objective of exalting their flavour and unleashing the goodness of the ingredients, which come mainly from the family vegetable plot to guarantee their freshness and seasonality. They cultivate ancient bean varieties, collect eggs laid by chickens that scratch around the farmstead, and produce the typical Trentino sauerkraut made with cabbage. Cold cuts, flour, organic wines and mountain cheeses made near the farmstead are also available. In addition, they transform small fruits into delicious jams, syrups and scrumptious desserts. Here, you can experience the thrill of the loveliest moments in a welcoming and well-kept environment.



Agritur Galeno is synonymous with hospitality, welcoming and good genuine food. Their aim is to "make you feel like part of the family”. Located in Luserna, on the Cimbrian plateaus, the farmstead produces the high-quality raw materials at the heart of dishes that make for a delightful experience! Thanks to their cows, all of which are Pezzata Rossa, they provide milk and a supply of cheeses. They also grow mountain vegetables, collect eggs and offer local meats. In the surrounding woods, they harvest mushrooms and wild plants to enhance their delicious recipes. Their dishes feature multiple flavours, and they make it possible to discover the scents and aromas of a real mountain cuisine. A unique occasion to sit at table, share and enjoy a cuisine filled with love.


Maso Pan

Maso Pan and the nearby dairy are located in the green heart of Val Rendena. It is a certified organic farm that breeds cattle and other farm animals. The cuisine is simple and genuine — polenta, prepared in a traditional copper paiolo and stirred by hand with a wooden trisa is the main dish accompanied by beef stew, sauerkraut with cotechino and melted or grilled cheese. The delicious starters are also worth a mention, with cold cuts and cheeses paired with vegetables in oil or vinegar and homemade jams, in addition to strangolapreti, knödel and ricotta dumplings made exclusively using their own milk, the main ingredient, which can be recognised due to its richness and perfect balance between assertiveness and sweetness. At Maso Pan, you can find actual farm-to-table products, which require great work, great passion and a consistency that leads to great satisfaction.


Agua Biencia

Agua Biencia — White Eagle in the Ladin language — is located in Val di Fassa near the town of Pera, at the foothills of the Val Giumela woods. The farmstead features a mini-dairy to process the milk produced from the Grigio Alpine cows that live there. They produce butter, yoghurt, tosella, ricotta, white and mature caciotta and other cheeses with such fun names as Gustavo, Omnibus, Historico, Suavis et Delicatus, Nova et Vetera, Altro and MorDilo. Thanks to the collaboration with an ice cream parlour, Alp-Latte Gelato was born, an ice cream made with the milk from their cows. They also offer mostarda and jams, meat and vegetables, all fruits deriving from their work and passion, which is reflected in the typical high-quality dishes produced with a touch of elegance. For the hosts, cooking is not just about making food but providing an opportunity to enjoy an authentic and flavourful experience.

Published on 10/08/2022