The memories of a journey are wreathed in authentic aromas

Dive into the delights of a family agritourism in Trentino

A farm-stay holiday is the most genuine way to get to know the mountains, the local produce and the people who grow it. You can taste authentic foods as unique as the families who create them, with their secret recipes and prized ingredients. All seasoned with a passion for quality and tradition. There’s butter, special jams, mountain honey, spiced charcuterie, sauces made with wild herbs, and mouthwatering mountain cheeses. Along with bread, pasta, juices, wine and sweet treats – all deliciously home-made!

The flavours range from the subtle to the strong, made with seasonal ingredients produced there on the farm. Savour these specialities as nature intended, relaxing in a welcoming place with your hosts taking good care of you.

What are you waiting for? Come on over for lunch, dinner or a tasty tea – and enjoy yourself.

Just don’t forget to book first!

Agritur Baite di Pra 

Two mountain huts at the foot of Carè Alto, in the setting of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park: the ideal place for a slow-paced lunch or dinner, to savour locally harvested delicacies, some of which will surprise you. Such as, for example, dishes prepared with snails bred for culinary and cosmetic use, or those prepared with blueberries coming from the hut’s own plantation located 1056 metres above sea level, where the mild, cool climate in summer gives fruits unmistakable juicy and tasty properties. For the rest, the Agritur offers traditional cuisine in a warm and welcoming environment. Open from May to September. 

Agritur Sandro

In Sporminore, in the heart of the Adamello Brenta Park and in the birthplace of potato tortel, the Formolo family has been running Agritur Sandro in the peace and tranquility of this area for more than twenty years. The kitchen offers dishes that are almost entirely prepared with ingredients grown or made on site. Needless to say, the main dish is “tortel de patate”, served with cold cuts, cheese, carne salada (salted meat) and “ciapusi e fasoi” (cabbage and beans). But typical Trentino first courses such as strangolapreti, dumplings and spätzle are also delights to be tried. Some of the wines are made in house, accompanying a long list of other Trentino labels. For a particular experience, it is possible to book one of the various tastings offered, some of which are to be enjoyed in the vineyard.

Agriturismo Maso Flonkeri

In Bosentino, on the Vigolana plateau – a natural balcony overlooking the Valsugana. A recently built agriturismo in stone pine wood offering panoramic views of Lake Caldonazzo. A relaxing oasis of peace for a slow-paced break, infused with the scent of roses. Because this farm takes great pride in its beautiful rose garden, and the family use its petals to prepare jams, syrups, liqueurs and even cosmetics. Don’t miss out on their anti-stress, detoxifying and rejuvenating damask rose water. The family offer simple home-spun cooking, all prepared with vegetables from their garden – peppers, tomatoes, beets, white, red and purple potatoes, aromatic herbs – and fruit from their orchard – apples, pears, strawberries, red and black cherries, peaches and a huge selection of berries – a speciality of the valley.

Agritur La Dasa

In verdant Val di Ledro, the Batisti family has created a completely natural place in perfect harmony and continuity with the nature that surrounds it. Here wood is king. Indeed, Marco and Andrea personally take care of the maintenance of trees and the reclamation of surrounding forests. You will be able to taste butter and typical cheeses made on site with milk from the family pastures, as well as products from the garden. The house specialties are the fresh and crunchy bread baked every day, and the skewed meat. Try Marina's desserts, including, in addition to traditional classics, homemade yoghurt and panna cotta.

Agritur Maso Nello

Maso Nello, a winery and livestock farm, is located in the ancient village of Faedo, itself being worth a visit for its panoramic position among the dry-stone walls typical of Val di Cembra. Here you are truly in the mountain countryside, and can enjoy a break that brings to mind the Sundays you used to spend with your family, in contact with the animals and in a rural environment that has almost disappeared. The dishes offered here reflect local culinary traditions and are served in an intimate setting, on the veranda or terrace, featuring just a few seats. The dishes are appreciated for their simplicity and prepared in a way that preserves the genuine flavour of ingredients. Polenta, canederli (dumplings), speck and vegetables from the garden. All rigorously cooked by Maura, cook and owner of the Maso. 

Agritur Maso Tratta

In Pressano, along the Trentino Wine and Flavour Road, Maso Tratta is a natural terrace in the Avisio hills. The farm dates back to 1400 and offers a panoramic view of Val d’Adige on one side and the Brenta Dolomites on the other. Surrounded by vineyards, guests can enjoy traditional dishes that are reinterpreted with elegance and prepared with locally grown products. Do not miss the platter featuring cold cuts and house cheeses, and the homemade wholemeal buckwheat tagliatelle with orange-infused capocollo ragù (meat sauce). From the farm, you can venture out along relaxing treks that allow you to complete your day surrounded by nature that feeds all your senses.

Agritur Il Tempo delle Mele

In Caldes, in Val di Sole, this is the Agritur immersed in apple orchards! Right in the middle of the apple orchards, Fabiana has built a place where time stops as soon as you cross the threshold. An irresistible sweet apple scent envelopes you as soon as you arrive, opening up the senses of those with a sweet tooth and all the taste buds. Here the apple is the indispensable ingredient of every dish prepared with family recipes. From appetisers to desserts, then risottos, roasts and Alpine fish, each variety of apple has its use. The apples here come from the apple orchards of Fabiana’s husband, Michele. Why not combine a tasting experience with harvesting? Here, in autumn you can.

Agritur Broch

In Tonadico, in the Primiero area of San Martino di Castrozza, you can completely immerse yourself in mountain peasant life, and get acquainted with cows, as you witness the entire milking cycle, as well as horses, donkeys, hens and geese. Everything you find on your plate comes from the Agritur’s gardens and farms, and from the meadows. Indeed, the local cuisine here calls for the use of the aromatic herbs and herbaceous plants that grow around the Agritur, all harvested in the respect for nature. Here you can taste, for example, cicerbita in vegetable lasagna, nettles in canederli (dumplings), hierba Luisa, cumin and borage flowers in soups, and mugo pine and sweet woodruff in grappa. Polenta is the ever-present accompaniment to locally grown and produced meats and cheeses.

Agritur Maso Sorte

A steaming polenta with meat stew, delicious canederli (dumplings) prepared by expert hands or a terrine of tasty offal: the pleasure of simplicity that tasting the typical dishes of the rural culture of Trentino gives you. Mother Colomba and her children are there to welcome you to this farmhouse in Castello-Molina di Fiemme. Don’t miss the speck that is not smoked but handcrafted to preserve the aromas and flavours of the past. A must try! 

Agritur Allo stesso campo

In Civezzano you can eat in this farmhouse, which has a beautiful story to tell: Indeed, Allo Stesso Campo is a solidarity project which, through the cultivation, processing and sale of land products, involves people who experience personal challenges in active and inclusive recovery paths within the community. The result? Tasty traditional dishes, created in accordance with self-production and the quality of raw ingredients.  

Agritur Malga Brigolina

A farmhouse not far from Trento, on Monte Bondone, 1000 meters above sea level. A point of reference for a small trip out of town, especially for the little ones, given that the Malga is also an educational farm with an itinerary dedicated to visit animals on guided tours. Indeed, the farm is home to about a hundred cows, as well as horses, donkeys and cute alpacas. Here you can taste the typical dishes of Trentino cuisine: polenta, stew, strudel and excellent home-produced cheeses. 

Published on 26/01/2024