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Play and learn, create and craft

Fun and learning go hand in hand at Trentino’s educational farms

Imagine spending a few hours on a real mountain farm having a great time and learning lots without being cooped up indoors.

Down on the farm, the only limit is your imagination. You can make butter or create things out of felt or look after hens and donkeys or learn about the secret world of bees. It’s something for all the family to enjoy, where everyone has fun and learns something new. But the best bit is seeing the children’s eyes light up. All smiles, their curiosity warms the heart as they try their hand at turning fruit into jam, milking cows, making ricotta, crafting flower bookmarks or making seed bombs.

Here’s a taste of all that Trentino has in store for you this summer. Choose what you like best and enjoy yourself!


(NB Wherever you decide to go, do contact the organisers first to make sure that the activities you wanted are definitely going ahead.)

Il Leprotto Bisestile

Up on Vigolana plateau, Francesca Eccer runs Il Leprotto Bisestile, a farm in the meadows that belonged to her grandma. In this corner of paradise, with unique views across Lake Caldonazzo, Francesca grows vegetables, medicinal plants and wild aromatic herbs to make into infusions, gourmet purees, flavoured salt and cosmetics. Her educational farm is also a refuge for abandoned animals, and she breeds snails for cosmetic uses. Dive into this magical world and let Francesca teach you to do all this with your own hands!

Agritur El Mas

Enjoy a day of real country life at the El Mas agritourism in the Val di Fassa mountains! The first to welcome you will doubtless be Ota, the loveable St Bernard who keeps an eye on the other animals. There are Tyrol Grey cows (a protected local breed), honey-coloured Haflinger horses with their blond manes, and then the pigs, goats, donkeys and friendly hens! Come and meet them all and get to know their different characters. The educational farm offers you the chance to see how delicious Trentino cheese is made, from the milking yard to your table. With so much to do, you’re sure to make some great memories!

Riondera farm

The Riondera farmstead in the Lessini mountains keeps bees for honey, hens for fresh eggs, plus goats and donkeys and sheep to make cheese. There are berries and vegetables too. The farm offers workshops to learn about farmyard animals, the secret life of bees, and the return of the wolves to Trentino. Walk the forest paths and tracks to learn interesting things about botany and geology, history and ecology – all brought alive through stories, legends and historical re-creations!

Making wool

Sandro Malesardi was a computer programmer in Trento for 20 years. Then one day in 2016, he decided to dedicate himself to his flock of sheep in Comano and began to produce wool and woollen goods. He and his wife, Lorenza, work the raw material and dye it with what nature has to offer. Their two children often play with the lambs and watch Papà as he handles the carded yarn. The family farm, La Filiera della Lana, has 60-odd Tingola sheep, a hardy breed that’s smaller than most but doesn’t mind the cold. Bring your kids to a fun workshop on how wool is made – the natural way!

The Dalcastagnè family farm

Amid the meadows in a mountain village in the Valsugana, the Dalcastagnè family set up their agritourism business with a passion for animals and nature. You can experience authentic farm life in this splendid setting, spending a day at the animals’ pace. The barn with full mod cons is home to hens, pigs, goats, rabbits, sheep and lambs, cows and calves, and the farm mascots – Pirla the horse and Lilly the donkey! How would you like to feed the brand-new arrivals? Then come along!

The Valtresin farm

Valtresin is in the midst of the meadows and woods of Pellizzano in the upper Val di Sole. It’s just a few minutes from fascinating places like Ossana castle and Stelvio National Park too. They produce fruit, vegetables and medicinal herbs, rearing Alpine brown cows and many other animals. The farm runs workshops for you to experience the farm and its residents and learn to make milk into cheese, cream into butter, and grain into bread. If you like, you can even become a pastry chef for the day, using the farm’s fruit and herbs. Come and have a go!

Discover Trentino’s educational farms!

Experience life on the farm, learning ancient skills and understanding the bond between humans and the land, the rhythms of the natural world and the importance of safeguarding the environment. Find out more about fun and educational farm-stays in Trentino for a hands-on holiday in the heart of nature.
Published on 01/03/2021