Educational Farmhouse Inns

To learn from nature and discover farm animals

Old McDonald, the one from the old farm, was very busy. Your children know this well too, as they relentlessly hum the song celebrating him. It would be really nice to take them to a real farm. Perhaps not Old McDonald’s, but one with all the animals... cows, calves, goats, geese and pigs. It is so rare to see so many of them, and all together!

Educational Farms in Trentino

There is also Lady Cow!

The educational farms of Trentino are open farms to learn about rural life up close, thanks to many fun and educational activities.

You can look after donkeys, discover the secrets of bees, milk cows and goats, make butter and prepare a good jam with fruit. Mmhhh... so yummy!

Smudged little hands and happy smiles, because small fruits picked directly from trees and bushes are even yummier. And then muddy shoes, because you can't look at the ground when feeding the goats. And wide-eyed faces full of surprise, after seeing the cows making milk and discovering how butter, cheese and yogurt are prepared with it.


There is no need to count sheep here

You won’t even have to look for accommodation near the farm, since many farmhouse inns that offer this service have comfortable wooden beds and rooms for the whole family. Not to mention breakfast! Bread that is really fresh, homemade jam, butter, milk, cakes… it will be nice to sit blissfully around the table and start a day full of discoveries.

Educational farmhouse inns

Educational farmhouse inns

Published on 22/08/2023