How beautiful it is to walk through flowers

5 walks among the most beautiful mountain blooms in Trentino

If you love flowers, you know the feeling. You wait a year for a few weeks of floral glory, then it’s over for another 12 months. So when you find an easy stroll to go and view a beautiful crop of blooms, it’s something to treasure. Well we’ve got 5 unmissable mountain walks for you to enjoy in Trentino this spring.

The routes aren’t difficult; the altitudes are modest. But the pleasure of walking in the fresh air and admiring a real delight for the eyes is immense – so just wait for the spring weather and up you come. For flowers have the power to refresh mind, body and soul, helping you feel good in yourself and at peace with the world.

So pick which flowers you want to see and get out on the mountains!


Val di Non’s apple orchards

In spring the whole Val di Non is enveloped in a cloudlike blossom. At first glance, it almost looks like snow but it is with the warmer weather that the apple trees put forth their most spectacular display of colours and fragrant smells. A blossom that is just as much of a treat for the eyes as its fruits are to the palate.


Walk among the flowering pastures

In Val di Fiemme, in the woods of Lagorai there is a wonderful a balcony of flowers at 2,000 metres above sea level. After completing the easy and short trail to the highest point, you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the entire valley. You will encounter flower species during the hike, such as crocus, gentians and anemones, which adorn the meadows at the forest edge at this time of year.


Dromaè pastures

The grazing pastures of Dromaè in Val di Ledro are carpeted with white and pink wild daffodils and peonies offering a truly mesmerizing spectacle. As you walk through the fields look closer for other types of native flowers such as wild orchids, anemones and lilies.


Monte Baldo

A panoramic terrace on Lake Garda, named the Garden of Italy for its extraordinary biodiversity, Monte Baldo has been a popular destination amongst naturalists for the harvesting of officinal herbs since 1400. Don’t miss the golden glow of the buttercup in full bloom.


Monte Casale

Under a bluebird sky, the pastures on Monte Casale are showered with the pastel colours of alpine crocus: yellow, white and pink sprinkles create the effect of an impressionist’s painting.

Sweet Blooming April, April/May

In April, Val di Non turns white and pink. The valley’s spectacular apple blooming is short lived but worth a weekend-long visit. Get ready for a succession of events: the entire month will be dedicated to spring and apple trees!

Published on 06/06/2023