In Spring time, Trentino is a colourful canvas

The most beautiful flowers in Trentino and where you can see them

Delicate strokes of blue, tender touches of red, intense bursts of yellow. Like a Monet masterpiece, in spring time the flowers bring Trentino to life in a blaze of colours.

There are thousands of different flower species you can find in the meadows of Trentino, from the month of April onwards: from the blossoming apple orchards to more spontaneous varieties like the Trollius europaeus (globeflower), Paradisea liliastrum (St. Bruno’s lily), Nigritella, and Sage.

Spontaneous and cultivated flowers blend and complete one another, providing a view that is abundant with lively and vibrant hues: from the azure of the Campanula, the red-violet of Clover, to the orange of Narcissus.

An exciting show, which nature has painted just for you: flowers blooming in Trentino.

Meleti_Val_di_Non_Diego_Marini | © Meleti_Val_di_Non_Diego_Marini

Apple Orchards

The countryside in the Val di Non are coloured with a pure white and pale pink: it’s almost like going back to winter, when the landscape is covered in snow. But, as soon as the warm rays of the spring sun warm the apple orchards, the small flowers blossom filling the valley with delicate colours and scents.



Between May and June, the pastures in Dromaè, in Val di Ledro, are transformed into a white and fuchsia carpet of Narcissus and wild Peonies, providing an exciting play of colour. If you pay attention, you will also discover wild Orchids, Anemones and Lilies.

Fiori_Ciliegio_APT_Valsugana | © Fiori_Ciliegio_APT_Valsugana

Cherry Trees

Valsugana is famous for its white cherry blossoms, especially in the area of Susà di Pergine. You can admire the blossoms directly from the surrounding fields or, with a small effort, by climbing the Tegazzo hill. There, from the Pergine castle you can admire the entire area, covered in white.



Referred to as the Italy’s Garden, Monte Baldo has been a sought-after destination among naturalists in search of medicinal herbs since 1400. A peculiarity of this area is the flowering of the Globeflower (Trollius europaeus), which is unmistakable here, thanks to its large, bright yellow flowers.

Stelle_alpine_Val_di_Sole_Gianni_Zotta | © Stelle_alpine_Val_di_Sole_Gianni_Zotta


In Val di Sole you can see thousands of examples of edelweiss, thanks to a nursery kept by a local agricultural company. An expanse of white edelweiss that you can already see in late spring, near the Laghetto dei Caprioli. With these cultivated Alpine flowers, the owner Olga Casanova also makes cosmetic products. 

Orchidee_selvagge_APT_Val_di_Fiemme | © Orchidee_selvagge_APT_Val_di_Fiemme

Wild Orchids

In Val di Fiemme, the Rhododendrons in flower represent a real natural show. In the fields, Anemones, field Gentians, Lotus corniculatus, and Nigritella all bloom. Above 2,000 metres, on the other hand, you can find Buttercups, Achillea erba-rotta, spotted Gentian and many other precious examples of colour and beauty.

Fioritura_Dromaè_Mezzolago_Ledro_RobertoVuillemieur | © Fioritura_Dromaè_Mezzolago_Ledro_RobertoVuillemieur

Wild Flowers

Mountain hay fields are rich in diverse species, depending on the season and altitude: this is one of the peculiarities of Trentino. In spring time, the colours explode and indigenous flowers start to populate the valleys throughout the region. Here is some advice to find out where you can see the wild flowers.

The charm of blooms

The charm of blooms

You can discover all the secrets of flowers with some different activities: workshops for photography enthusiasts, botanical excursions to search and discover the rarest and most beautiful species, and delicious tastings and useful laboratories, which will teach you how to make sustainable cosmetic products.

Your holiday among the flowers

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