Do you love nature? Here’s what’s worth seeing in Trentino

Eight breathtaking landscapes, deserving a place of honor in the gallery of your memories

There are natural landscapes whose beauty touches one’s heart.

There are places, and Trentino is full of them, where nature creates wonders, becoming a painter to portray the most beautiful natural landscapes one has ever seen, then a sculptor to mould the earth and create incredible shapes, and finally a musician to give life to melodies among trees or with water and rocks.

If you are wondering what to see in Trentino to fully appreciate the beauty of nature, your holiday cannot end without visiting these eight locations. Eight places where you can bear witness to centuries-old, surreal, magical works of Mother Nature.

Eight natural landscapes to visit in Trentino, which will remain indelible in your memory.


Lake Tovel

Once, in the summer, the waters of the lake used to turn red. Even if it is no longer possible to experience this sight, the “Red Lake” is still magic. A magic in which the Brenta Dolomites and their Natural Park are reflected. The water becomes a painting where the landscape appears more alive than ever.


The spectacle of falls

It is exciting to discover the power of water as it fills streams and becoming a waterfall along its journey downstream. In Val di Ledro, the Gorg d’Abiss waterfall suddenly reveals itself at the end of a deep, centuries-old canyon. You can see it after a short walk from the town of Tiarno di Sotto.


The canyons of Trentino

Over the centuries, the slow water flow engendered hidden worlds, made up of tunnels, caves and waterfalls. You can discover their beauty by walking among the rocks of the Trentino canyons. The Rio Sass canyon, in Val di Non, will leave you breathless. Sounds of water dance to the rhythm of your steps.


The pyramids of Segonzano

In Val di Cembra, nature has given life to a surreal landscape: pinnacles of earth and pebbles 20 metres high. They are called the “òmeni de tera”, since they look like imposing silhouettes of men with hats on their heads. Hats on stone towers that parade through woods and memories.


In the footsteps of dinosaurs

A trip to the Lavini di Marco Paleontological Park, at the foot of Monte Zugna, will take you back in time. Indeed, here you can walk next to the fossil footprints left by a dinosaur about 200 million years ago. Perfect shapes, real casts sculpted on the earth.


The Marocche of Dro

From the green of the natural parks to the moonscape of the Marocche of Dro, the journey is shorter than you might think. Here nature has given life to an arid and barren landscape made of crushed rocks scattered about by time. Sometimes, the moon is closer than it looks. Sometimes, words aren’t enough. We must see.


The forest of violins

In Val di Fiemme, you can walk through the “sounding wood”: a forest of resonant spruce trees, whose wood is used to build the resonance boxes of violins. Do you want to know why? Try hitting one with the palm of your hand… and let yourself be entertained by new and unheard waves.



The most beautiful spectacle of the Dolomites is on display every day at sunset. When the sun hits the cliffs, the mountains turn red, light up the sky and embrace the stars. Only the genius of an artist could have imagined them. Nature created them so that the idea could not be stolen.

Published on 19/01/2024