Into the wild: a hunt for hidden waterfalls

 7 cascades in 7 steps: a guide for the more adventurous souls

Leave the beaten track behind you and take a walk along the less travelled paths. The silence is punctuated by the sound of bubbling streams that make you contemplate the crystal clear waters as they rush over smooth rounded stones. After a long walk, to behold a waterfall for the first time can truly be a regenerating experience as it gives you that sense of belonging and being at one with Nature. Here, we recommend 7 of them, all to be discovered this spring in Trentino.

Val-di-Ledro-Gorg-d-Abiss-Stefania-Oradini | © Val-di-Ledro-Gorg-d-Abiss-Stefania-Oradini

The Gorg D'Abiss waterfalls - Valle di Ledro

 A wild and ancient place, with an evocative and somewhat mysterious name. This gorge (“Gorg d'Abiss” in local dialect) and its waterfall will surprise even the most disenchanted explorer; this unexpected waterfall, which gives the impression that the water gushes out directly from the rock face itself, is a secretive place yet accessible to everyone.


The Pison Waterfalls - Val di Sole

The water that plunges down this rocky gorge has created a sparkling jewel within the treasure chest of the Val Meledrio, one of the lesser known corners of the vast territory encompassed by the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park. Like all treasures it awaits to be conquered but the effort isn’t too demanding and, as it turns out, is actually quite pleasant: a ramble through living, breathing, almost enchanted, woodlands.


The Varone waterfalls – Lake Garda

This is a magical, almost mystical place, to say the least. It has inspired some passages of the novel "The Magic Mountain", a masterpiece written by Thomas Mann. The rocky gorge of the waterfall is a wonderful example of natural architecture, sculpted through the coexistence and balance of various natural elements.

Val-Rendena-Cascate-Vallesinella-Ronny-Kiaulehn | © Val-Rendena-Cascate-Vallesinella-Ronny-Kiaulehn

The Vallesinella waterfalls - Val Rendena

The Vallesinella waterfalls are a true gem for wilderness aficionados. Lying below the renowned peaks of the Brenta Dolomites, these foamy cascades can be reached by following up the valley of the same name. The central waterfall, along with the high ones and the low ones, create an adventurous route for the water before finally finishing in the Sarca River.


The Tret waterfalls - Val di Non

We could describe it as the “hidden waterfall amongst the canyons”. This curtain of water seems to appear from nowhere, an enchanting reward at the end of the trek that takes you from the village of Fondo and through the woods along old pilgrimage trails. The route is also suitable for families with children and makes for a kind of unusual treasure hunt on a fine spring day. 

Val-di-Fiemme-Cascata-Cavalese | © Val-di-Fiemme-Cascata-Cavalese

The waterfall of Cavalese - Val di Fiemme

An easy stroll that encompasses the beauty of the woods, a monumental fir tree, the rolling sound of the Rio Val Moena, stones blanketed in moss and lichen and, above all, the magical spectacle of the waterfall itself. The path has been recently restored, giving visitors the rare luxury of getting lost in nature without any worries.

Altopiano di Piné - Cascate del Lupo | © Altopiano di Piné - Cascate del Lupo

The Cascate del Lupo - Altopiano di Piné

This waterfall, it’s name meaning “The Wolf’s Waterfall”, is actually unknown to most people, even to those living in Trentino. For this very reason, it will resonate even more with adventurous travellers looking to discover something wild yet safe, thanks to the well-marked paths that don’t present any particular difficulties. 


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