Plenty of new fishing spots in Trentino

From the mountain lakes to the watercourses that will host the next World Fly Fishing Championships

Fishing is more than just a sport. It requires calmness, patience, concentration and, above all, silence. Fishing on the mountain lakes and torrents in Trentino means spending the day immersed in a genuine and reinvigorating natural setting.

If you love fly fishing, then in Trentino you’ll be spoiled for choice: from the mountain lakes of the Val di Non to the rushing torrents of the Val di Fiemme, from the clear tributaries of the Adige valley to the Noce and Sarca rivers, hosts of the 38th World Fly Fishing Championships.

If you prefer combining the pleasures of recreational fishing with a family holiday, you can try fishing at a number of stocked lakes and ponds that allow even the less experienced a chance to try this sport. You could also hire the help of a Trentino Fishing Guide, who will accompany you to the best fishing spots and give you all the information you might need.

The best fishing spots

Tranquil alpine lakes or gushing mountain torrents? The nice thing about Trentino is that you don’t have to choose. Here are some perfectly tailored fishing spots.

Fishing Lodges

If you’re looking for a place to stay, here are 4 options that could suit you. Accommodation in privileged locations and offering a range of services for angling enthusiasts.

World Fishing Championships

An event not to be missed! From the 17th to the 23rd of September 2018 the waters of the Sarca and Noce rivers will host the 38th World Fly Fishing Championships.

Tourist fishing permit

To be able to go fishing in Trentino you’ll need a tourist fishing licence. But don’t worry! You can get one for free. Here’s how.