Listening to the bellow of the stag in the woods at night

An exciting adventure in the natural parks of Trentino

It’s night. The silence of the wood envelops you. The only light as you slip through the trees is your head lamp. You forge on, sniffing at the dark – there’s a new scent, something wild that wasn’t there before. All of a sudden, a heartfelt call of love fills the forest: a stag is bellowing.

In autumn, as the days shrink and the air fills with seasonal smells, the stags come out to give full voice to their love song like a natural orchestra. One soloist after another gives their all in an attempt to win mating rights. And as if the bellowing weren’t enough, the competition escalates to physical violence, antler against antler, horn against horn.

It’s an incredible wildlife spectacle to witness – especially with your ears.

The bellow of the stag in Trentino

Where to listen to the bellow of the stag

The best way to listen to the stags in all their glory and learn other interesting facts about the animals in Trentino’s natural parks is with a National Park Guide. They will lead you along the paths deep into the woods, by day or by night.

This outdoor experience is a great way for all the family to discover Trentino’s verdant heart, from Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Natural Park to Stelvio Park via the Val di Sole. For a thrilling adventure in the company of the majestic lords of the forest.

Check out the calendar to find a date that works for you.

Animals to be seen in autumn in Trentino

Check out the calendar to find a date that works for you

Published on 27/11/2021