Night excursions to witness the deer mating call

Autumn heralds a unique love song in the woods of Trentino

You walk through the calm and serenity of the woods at night time. As you slowly brush past the trees, your head-torch shines a soft beam of light in front of you. A pungent smell pervades the air, a puff of hot breath breaks the darkness and suddenly you jump at the sound of a bellowing grunt: the passionate mating call of a deer.

Autumn heralds the deer mating season, also called the rut. When nights draw in earlier and there’s a chill in the air, deer break in to a love song, a truly amazing natural spectacle.

The best way to witness the mating call of these majestic animals in close range, and learn more about the wildlife of Trentino’s natural parks, is to join a guided tour. The experienced park guides will lead you on woodland excursions during the day or late in the evening, when the deer are more active.

Discover all the events and excursions organised by Ambiente Trentino in collaboration with Aree Protette del Trentino (Trentino’s protected areas). You can choose a day trip or combine an activity with an overnight stay.

Autumn deer rut excursions - Evening

The programme includes excursions in the Parco dello Stelvio on the following dates: 11th ,15th & 28th September and 1st and 4th October. In Parco di Paneveggio - Pale di San Martino, trips are planned on 22nd and 29th September and on 6th October, while in Parco Adamello Brenta are on 2nd and 5th October.

Groups meet at 18:00. After a dinner with the local park guide, you will set off on a wood excursion following the echoes of guttural grunts and clashing antlers. All excursions involve the use of thermal cameras to increase the chance of encounter.

Autumn deer rut excursions - Day Time

Two events on the programme, both in Parco dello Stelvio (in Pejo and Rabbi), on 30th September and 7th October. The excursions involve a full day trekking experience accompanied by a park guide.

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