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A night in the woods listening to the bellowing of deer

Discover an unmistakeable love call this autumn

AUTUMN 2020 - The silence of the woods by night is all-embracing and the darkness is cut only by the timid beam of light from your torch. You progress through the vegetation, wafts of wild primeval odours caressing your nostrils, when suddenly a heart-rending love call breaks the silence: a bellowing deer.

It’s in autumn, when the days get shorter and the air crispier, that lovesick stags bellow out their melancholy love calls at nightfall. The numerous stags, taking it in turn to lure the furtive does, create an uncanny natural orchestra and if words don’t work, then it comes down to physical strength, head to head, antler to antler.

If you want to hear a stag’s bellow for yourself and maybe discover a few things about the fauna that inhabits Trentino’s natural parks, find a guide from the Park Service who, thanks to their experience, will bring you, by day or by night, on a trail of discovery of these wild woods.

Where to hear the bellowing of deer

The Call of the Red Deer - Evening

Six appointments have been organised in Stelvio National Park for 2020 on the following dates: 19th-20th and 25th-26th of September and 2nd and 3rd of October

In the Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino Natural Park, the appointments are on the 19th, 26th of September and on the 2nd and 3rd of October.

Meeting time for these outings is at 6.30pm and after a meal in the company of a park guard you set off for a walk through the darkening woods, listening out for that distinctive bellow. In all cases, special infrared cameras will be used for sightings.

Where to hear the bellowing of deer

The Call of the Red Deer - Daytime

There are three appointments for this coming autumn, all in Stelvio National Park, on the 27th of September and 4th of October. The excursion includes a daylong hike in the company of a park guard who will help with sightings.

Here below you can find the proposals of Ambiente Trentino (Environment Trentino) - organised in collaboration with the Protected Areas network of Trentino - and the offers of the hotels dedicated to deer watching. Simply choose the date and the activity you prefer.

Animals to be seen in autumn in Trentino

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Published on 28/08/2020