Say it with…herbs!

How to identify wild flowers and herbs and use them in everyday life

SPRING 2020 - Dots of bright yellow Taraxacum, commonly known as Dandelion, patches of basil-scented Parietaria Officinalis, carpets of white Alium Ursinum, or wild garlic, and delicate stalks of Acetosella: to an untrained eye these plants might appear like common weeds, but many alpine wild flowers and herbs possess remedial properties and can be used in everyday cooking and homemade cosmetic products.  

If you wish to find out more about wild flowers and herbs, come to Trentino this spring and take part in one of the outdoor workshops run by botanists and local guides.

Discover how the woods turn into edible gardens and learn the ancient art of foraging, from identifying plants by their smell, look and colour to observing their beneficial properties. Gain useful knowledge about how to create your own herbarium and how to incorporate the use of these special plants into everyday activities, like adding a flavourful and healthy flourish to your dishes or making your own natural herbal tea.

Browse through our guide and pick some useful tips on how to turn your next holiday in Trentino into a memorable and instructive experience.

Foraging and cooking in Val di Sole

Waking up in a good mood at Chalet Alpenrose and going out early to walk amongst the scents of the forest that is taking on a green hue. Alongside those who know their secrets, which have been handed down over generations, you will learn about the edible gifts of nature and discover recipes featuring a blend of ancient and new flavours.

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Flower Week in Val di Non

In spring, breathe the crisp mountain air and discover the nature of Val di Non by going on excursions in lake and wood areas. Hotel Belsoggiorno offers beautiful walks at dawn, guided visits to discover flowers and medicinal plants, workshops on preparing flavoured salts to take home with you.

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When the meadows are in bloom

Ambientetrentino offers two different environments for your spring explorations: you can choose the green pastures of Val Lomasona or the rich, wild vegetation of Monte Baldo. Accompanied by botanical experts, you will cross vast meadows in bloom, where you will pick the plants required for the educational workshops on natural cosmetics and cuisine.

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Published on 10/02/2020