The fruit harvests of Trentino

Life stories according to seasons

We share with you tales of the harvest seasons in Trentino to present to you culinary stories which, as for every culture, bear witness to a life lived.

The flavors we grew up with and learned to pair are pieces of our identity. The diet of mountain people began as subsistence cuisine, where the ingredients of the land were and remain treasures. Blessings of the season.

Trentino cuisine, traditionally, does not alter the ingredients, combines raw ingredients and selects excellence. Fruits which today have become delicacies, but belong to our identity heritage, have grown in outdoor gardens around our homes.

This is why we have decided to make you travel within our seasons through the fruits of the earth. It is a way for you to understand the meaning of what we bring to the plate every time you feel like immersing yourself in the history of our cuisines.

A way to get to know each other better.

Spring harvests

Spring in Trentino is the foraging season. Nature awakens and sprouts plants, herbs and flowers that have fed generations of mountain farmers for centuries. Meadows and woods become outdoor vegetable gardens, treasure chests of food culture and nature to be known, appreciated and safeguarded.

Summer harvests

Trentino summer has the flavour of soft and juicy berries to be picked at the best time as you walk on mountain trails. Between history and myth, it is the joy of harvesting small fruits from the undergrowth that is renewed generation after generation. 

Autumn harvests

The season of precious harvests. Autumn in Trentino marks the time of the festival which celebrates its uniqueness in each valley. Harvests made to last, those that engage the entire community. Olives from Garda, the harvest of grapes from Trentino pergolas, apples for the winter and then chestnuts from centuries-old woods.

Winter harvests

When eating to ward off hunger, the important thing was to look after the fire. There, pots cooked the fruits that withstood the frost. His Majesty the potato, sauerkraut prepared in the family’s wooden barrel and such sweet broccoli, product of the wind, which grow in a small strip of land between the shores of the lake and a mountain slope.

Published on 13/11/2023