Discover the flavours of tradition in mountain farmsteads

Look for the authentic cuisine of the mountain people

Do you, like us, think that the best way to capture the soul of a place is to taste traditional products precisely where they are born?

Mountains, pastures, hard work and immense love for the land: this is what you taste when you sit down at the table of one of the over 300 mountain farmsteads still operating in the area.

Up there, rules and rhythms are those of the mountain pastures where the tasty cheese is made, no two alike, day after day, year after year. That is the product that more than any other, in the summer, best conveys the authentic cuisine of mountain people.

So, you know what to do. Go up to a mountain farmstead, cross the meadows overlooking the mountains and savour the taste of Trentino milk!

You can start with these delicacies that we have selected for you, but in each of the Trentino farmsteads you will find something unique and unrepeatable, because up there the nature of the mountain pastures cannot be tamed by time.

Agritur Malga Salanzada

From Masi di Cavalese in Val di Fiemme, reach this farmstead by following the direction for Salanzada. Outdoors wooden tables and then cows, donkeys, sheep and pigs, inside a typical setting made of wood and decorated with cowbells, renovated for hospitality.  What awaits you? Meat, cheese, locally-made speck and the typical desserts of the valley to be accompanied by homemade cranberry jam. Have you already tasted sweet canederli (dumplings)? And fortaie (local version of crêpes)?

Malga Cengledino

Above Tione, this farmstead overlooks Val Breguzzo and boasts a spectacular view of the Adamello Brenta Park. Built with local stone and wood, it offers the opportunity, every day in the summer, to taste and buy cheeses and yoghurt made on site and, only on weekends in low season, delicious traditional dishes. Polenta is a must and ricotta and berry desserts are divine.

Malga Bordolona

In Val di Non, 1830 metres above sea level, the herdsman is a philosopher and the farmstead hostess a literature teacher. Indeed, Katia and Luca spend their summers in Malga Bordolona together with their three children, devoting themselves to their chalet, hospitality and, of course, cheesemaking. The kitchen offers simple and tasty dishes that are typical of the valley. Do not miss the Casolèt cheese, made on site, and whipped cream!

Malga Sadole

70 dairy cows await you in Ziano di Fiemme, 1650 metres above sea level, along the Lagorai chain. For years, the family that has been running this farmstead has made itself known for the excellence of its cheesemaking, with demos open to the public. The perfect menu? Obviously cheeses and then fortaie (local version of crêpes) with currant jam!

Malga Val dei Brenzi

We recommend that you leave your car in the Passo Santel car park, in Fai della Paganella, and enjoy the walk that takes you to the farmstead in less than an hour, even with a stroller. In addition to cows, you will find alpacas, rabbits, donkeys, horses, bees and lots of games for children. For refreshment, in addition to the delicious cheeses produced on site, don’t miss tortel (potato cake)!

Malga Nambi

If you have never visited Val d’Algone, in Comano Terme, one of the wildest and most legendary spots in the Adamello Brenta Park, now is the time. The farmstead is managed by dairyman Lorenzo, who processes the milk of his goats and cows to make cheese, ricotta, butter, primo sale cheese and yoghurt. His passion, in addition to his animals? Conceivably, Bleggio walnuts. It is worth making a stop here for taste and pleasure!

Zonta Melegna Farmstead

At Passo Coe and a few minutes from the lake bearing the same name, you reach the Melegna Farmstead. It is located in one of the most suggestive places in Folgaria for views and biodiversity, on Alpe Cimbra. Before getting there, we suggest a visit to Base Tuono. At the farmstead, you will be able to delight in the dairy products and enjoy, for lunch and by reservation only, hot dishes of the valley tradition.

Malga Boer

In Soraga di Fassa, you can taste the delicious Cuor di Fassa cheese, “Malga” selection, made in Malga Boer. But there is more. Along with cheeses and yoghurt, you can enjoy mixed platters and the best traditional Ladin and Trentino dishes. While you are here, take a tour of the Fuciade basin and its immense green meadows.

Malga Venegiota

Before Pale di San Martino, in the Primiero area, this farmstead is a must for the majesty and beauty of the place, the charm of its premises and for its delicacies. As cheeses go, tosèla is the specialty, to be enjoyed with polenta cooked in a cauldron and sausage. The kitchen offers the best of the valley tradition, desserts included!

Nestalp Malga Campo

Immersed in the Stelvio Natural Park, in Val di Pejo, at almost 2000 metres above sea level, you can choose whether to enjoy the panoramic terrace overlooking nature or a dinner by the light of a real candle where everything romantic relies on the stories from the pastures. Do not miss the Casolét cheese and the desserts prepared with mountain fruit jams.

Malga Polinar

One of the most hidden huts in Val di Rabbi, one of the least populated and most evocative in Trentino. Casolét cheese, butter, fresh and smoked ricotta are among the products par excellence of traditional caserada (cheese making). Here, herdsmen live their summer with their cows and goats, according to an essential philosophy of life and cuisine, and the complete recycling of resources and raw materials.

Published on 03/07/2023