Dinner on the lake

7 top lakeside restaurants where you can enjoy fish dishes

Fish-based recipes are one of the strong points of Italian cuisine. Besides well-known sea fish, there are many menus based on lake fish, such as whitefish, with its top-quality meat, char or the renowned lake trout, one of the “must-eats” of lake areas. You can order them in many restaurants, but we assure you that eating them directly on the lake gives them a truly special flavour.

The Lake Garda area, boasting many restaurants where you can enjoy excellent Italian cuisine, is very popular. Well worth trying are also the restaurants on the Caldonazzo and Levico lakes - a 30-minute drive from Trento - or a restaurant on Lake Tovel, in the wonderful setting of the Brenta Dolomites.

If you need some advice on where to go, check out our selection of lakeside restaurants below. Buon appetito!

Ristorante La Terrazza, Lake Garda

Ristorante La Terrazza, Lake Garda

One of the best-known Trentino restaurants on Lake Garda, in the village of Torbole. A perfect place to try traditional Lake Garda cuisine (but not only this) very close to the lake. Excellent seafood, an ideal setting ... what more do you want?

Info: Via Benaco 24, Torbole - Tel. +39 0464 506083

Bastione Lounge & Restaurant, Lake Garda

Bastione Lounge & Restaurant, Lake Garda

This stunning location, with its breath-taking panorama over the town of Riva del Garda and Lake Garda, can be reached from the historic centre of Riva in just 3 minutes thanks to the inclined lift. The restaurant beside the town’s historic Bastion offers cuisine that covers everything from the traditions of Trentino, with an emphasis on local ingredients like extra-virgin olive oil from Garda, cheeses and carne salada cured meat, to Mediterranean cooking with a special focus on fish dishes.

Info: Via Monte Oro 26, Riva del Garda
Tel. +39 0464 07 68 61

Ristorante Taverna, Lake Levico

Ristorante Taverna, Lake Levico

A well-kept restaurant with a panoramic terrace just a stone’s throw from the blue waters of Lake Levico. The menu includes fish-based dishes as well as many Trentino traditional specialities, such as carne salada (thin slices of high-quality beef, served raw or slightly griddled) or canederli (dumplings). It is just perfect for a relaxing evening, caressed by the lake breeze.

Info: Viale Belvedere, Levico Terme - Tel. +39 0461 706590

Restaurant Al Faro, Lake Caldonazzo

Restaurant Al Faro, Lake Caldonazzo

Directly on the private beach, on the terrace or in the intimacy of modern and elegant interiors? All year round you can choose your vantage point on the crystalline waters of Lake Caldonazzo. Mediterranean cuisine and Trentino tradition mix to give life to fish- or meat-based dishes. And if you prefer an excellent pizza, you just have to choose between Classic or Neapolitan.

Info: Via Valsugana 18, Pergine Valsugana – Tel. +39 0461 1350702

Ristorante Castel Toblino, Lago di Toblino

Ristorante Castel Toblino, Lago di Toblino

If you have a romantic dinner in mind with a touch of elegance of days gone by, this is where you should come, just a twenty-minute drive from Trento. The gourmet restaurant is housed in the halls of a Renaissance castle, set on a peninsula in the centre of the lake. It is perfect for a candle-lit dinner, toasting to the moon. Prosit!

Info: Localita' Castel Toblino 1, Calavino - Tel. +39 0461 864036

Chalet Tovel, Lake Tovel

Chalet Tovel, Lake Tovel

From the romance of castles to a restaurant that brings us close to nature. The Ristorante Chalet Tovel is situated in the heart of the Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta (Nature Park), on the banks of Lake Tovel, a small lake in the Dolomites. Traditional Trentino dishes and excellent lake fish. P.S.: Open for lunch, reservations are required for dinner.

Info: Località Lago Tovel, Ville d'Anaunia - Tel. +39 348 062 7003

Lake Malghette Hut | © Madonna di Campiglio Azienda per il Turismo

Lake Malghette Hut


1891 metres above sea level, immersed in the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, Lake Malghette is a spectacle of colours and rhododendron blooms. You can reach it on foot via uphill or downhill trails, from the arrival station of the Pradalago gondola lift, in Madonna di Campiglio. The hut bearing the same name, which has just been renovated, is elegant, scenographic and welcoming. All you have to do is choose a table and let yourself be surprised by the creativity of a cuisine that never stops revisiting traditional recipes, especially when it comes to vegetarian dishes.

Info: Lago delle Malghette - Passo Carlo Magno- Tel. +39 393 882 2695

Published on 16/06/2023