The magic of Christmas in Trentino

Open lodges, lit fireplaces, village nativity scenes and charming encounters

There are places where Christmas has a special feel because it is exactly the way you pictured it when you were a child. For example, basking in the warmth of a fireplace in a cozy chalet, or among the lighted stalls of the markets that smell of cinnamon and cloves, or wandering the narrow mountain village streets that seem to have come straight out of a storybook.

Are you getting into the Christmas spirit? Take a look at these experiences that we have selected for you to enjoy in Trentino. Here, among snow-covered fir woods and villages that smell of lit fireplaces, grown-ups relive their childhoods and little ones daydream.

Happy Christmas!

The Christmas markets

The Christmas markets in Trentino absolutely sparkle, and there are many of them to be found in the larger cities such as Trento and Rovereto, in the towns around Lake Garda, and in the mountain villages. Here you will find all the Trentino markets, together with a filter to help you decide which ones you would like to visit depending on your dates and the area you’ll be visiting.

At Santa’s Grotto

Delight the little ones at home! In the ancient Rocca castle of Riva del Garda, you’ll find Santa’s grotto, where he and many little elves will be busy making toys and reading letters sent by children from all over the world.

Village nativity scenes

Village nativity scenes

At Christmas, the Piana Rotaliana, the largest vineyard garden in Europe, becomes the backdrop for a host of nativity scenes in its villages. The nativity scenes are made by enthusiasts and placed along the streets of old village centres, in windows, in shop displays and in arcades.


Christmas in the villages and castles

At Christmas, villages and castles come alive to host stalls, present nativity scenes and cook up local delicacies. hese include Canale di Tenno, Rango and Ossana, which are among the “Most Beautiful Villages in Italy”.

Inside a cosy mountain lodge

After wandering around the villages, browsing the stalls, feasting your eyes on Christmas lights and your stomach on tasty treats, you can find rest within the warm walls of a wooden mountain lodge. Perhaps you can even light a fireplace and admire the forest through the window.

Published on 27/10/2022