The most beautiful nativity scenes in Trentino

From the Dolomites to Lake Garda, the nativity is on full display

Nativity scenes are a tradition throughout the beautiful Italian peninsula. Here in Trentino, this custom has a strong connection with wood craftsmanship. The figurines are sculpted, polished, carved and often, even when placed in the moss, continue to release a delightful wood fragrance.

Every year during the Christmas period, these beautiful statuettes return to adorn porches, windows and corners of the stables in our mountain villages with beauty and emotion. Everyone is present and correct: the Holy Family, shepherds, Three Wise Men, angels and tradespeople, including those from the local area, evoking the professions of yesteryear. Then, just a few kilometres from Lake Garda, the scene is set for a living nativity scene, where everyone is there in real life – even the sheep!

Below we have collected some of the most beautiful nativity scenes in Trentino, which you can visit and admire throughout the Christmas period, until the Epiphany, when the Three Wise Men reach the Dolomites.

Ossana, the village of 1000 nativity scenes

In Ossana, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, 1000 nativity scenes are displayed around the fountains and in the old “vòlti”, with the small wooden statuettes encompassing all the beauty created by the skilful work of craftsmen’s hands. In San Michele castle, there is one in memory of World War I.

Nativity scenes among the fountains

In Vigo di Fassa, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, nativity scenes are spread throughout the entire centre, nestled in its most beautiful spots and especially around its fountains. You can walk around the nativity scenes following the guide “l’Accompagnatore di Media Montagna” and learn all about the village and its surroundings.

The magic of the nativity scenes

The Piana Rotaliana, the largest vineyard garden in Europe, forms the backdrop for the many nativity scenes in its villages. The nativity scenes are made by enthusiasts and placed along the streets of old village centres, in windows, in shop displays and porches. 

Canale di Tenno, a real-life nativity scene

In Canale di Tenno, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, you might even hear the cry of the holy child. That’s because Canale di Tenno is where the nativity scene comes to life, and seeing the Holy Family walk through the village together with the shepherds, sheep and angels is truly a sight to behold.

The Villages of Nativity Scenes

The historic hamlets of Vallagarina are the backdrop to beautiful representations of the Nativity. Courtyards, porticoes, windows and fountains are decorated with a variety of nativity scenes, built with natural and recycled materials, the result of the work and passion of its inhabitants

Published on 06/11/2023