Strolling with strollers

6 itineraries to be enjoyed with your children, at a leisurely pace and taking in the panorama 

Two beautiful words that go hand in hand. United by the same root and a concept of an easy-going pace, leaving you the time to take a look around, and maybe take a nap if you’re the lucky one being transported!

Here are some itineraries for sharing the beauty of the mountains with your children, and without breaking your back! Just a few things you should check: it doesn’t matter if your stroller has three or four wheels, as long as they’re not too small and always well pumped up, this will help you negotiate all types of terrain. Remember to pack plenty of water, sun cream and some fruit, the chances are you’ll want to take a break and take in the nature about you.

And now… let’s go!


San Martino, Malga Juribello

The emerald pastures contrast sharply with the white of the Pale di San Martino Dolomites behind them: from Rolle pass you proceed along a gently sloping trail until you reach the Juribello farmhouse where your children will be delighted with the animals waiting to greet them.


Val di Fassa, Val San Nicolò Itinerary

Val San Nicolò is rich with the scent of grass from the flowering meadows, of wood from the mountain huts, and resin from the woods. You can enjoy this route on foot, with a stroller suitable for trekking. The walk is easy, taking the form of a loop that begins and ends at Pozza di Fassa. The valley can also be reached by a handy little train that goes to Baita Ciampìe.


Val di Fiemme, Latemarium

To find yourself face to face with the Latemar-Rosengarten group all you need to do is take the cable car of the same name and then follow the Latemarium trail, an itinerary specifically planned to help visitors discover the best observation points and the legends of these highlands.


Madonna di Campiglio, Malga Ritorto

With a small effort you will reap a fantastic reward! This trail weaves its way through one of the most majestic landscapes of the Brenta Dolomites. At journey’s end, the Ritorto farmhouse will welcome you as old friends.


Alpe Cimbra, the Cimbrian trail of Imagination

Take a walk… and let your imagination run free! Along this fantastic itinerary, you will be able to immerse yourself in local legends, with sculptures, thriving firs, tall beech, pastures and a general testimony to the lives, difficult at times, of the people of the Cimbrian highland.


Brentonico, the Talpina nature reserve

This pleasant walk will lead you through vineyards and colourful meadows and let you appreciate the entire Vallagarina valley from the highland of Brentonico. The view is enhanced in the late afternoon when the shadows are stretched across the land and the warm breeze is laden with scents and aromas, or maybe after dinner, when there’s still some light and the air is fresher and the shadows are deeper.


Along Lake Ledro, in Val di Ledro

As you walk along this trail, you will skirt one of Trentino’s cleanest and most beautiful lakes: Lake Ledro. The trail traverses the beaches of Pieve, Mezzolago and Molina, which are ideal if you want to take a break in the sun or to dip in the turquoise waters of the lake! NOTE: Each beach has its own playground for your children to enjoy.

Published on 26/04/2022