7 outdoor learning experiences for families

Get up close, look closer, touch & feel, shhh…listen, be amazed

Nature is often described as a wise teacher. Some places, more than others, show us what really means to respect the environment, to love our land and tread gently on it. Sometime it’s easier looking from a child’s point of view, so join your children in an educational adventure, swap the desk for an outdoor playground and learn about our beautiful region, Trentino.

We selected 7 family-friendly experiences: learn about wildlife, fruit trees, ancient rocks and great mountains from the experts, who are people just like us, who love where they live and know how to care for it.

Discover the Natural Park wildlife

A woodland as classroom, 7000 square metres of larch trees, beech trees and red fir trees, home to protected animals like wolfs, red foxes, bears, lynxes and owls. Take your time to appreciate the alpine environment, wait quietly for a special encounter!  


Remedial herbs and majestic woodland in Valle Cembra

Stroll through the terraced gardens of Azienda Gricola GioVe in Altavalle and discover the beneficial properties of plants & herbs, like the Seaberry. After a tasty picnic, listen to story-telling about man and nature living in synergy.


Natural oasis at the foot of Lagorai

An open-air museum with 234 hectares of protected nature, where signs of man presence are almost inexistent. Follow the 5km long tour, slowly so you can fully appreciate the rich and wild landscape of the only WWF oasis in Trentino, on the Lagorai range.    


Friendly animal encounters in Comano

Meet Manola’s donkeys, the alpacas & lamas, the Scottish highland cattle and the Husky dogs at Athabaska Farm. Join these four legged friends and explore the beautiful surroundings, not your usual show&tell but more like a show&growl!


Rock whispers in Val di Fiemme

A weekend deep into the Dolomites discovering the secrets of our planet. Each mineral and fossil, at the Geological Museum in Predazzo, tells a story about the origins of our mountains. You will emerge as a mindful observer and reader of the signs.


A new leaf of life in Val di Sole

Walk through the apple orchards in Val di Sole and uncover the world of bees and their invaluable role. After, learn baking strudel following the traditional recipe. At Agritur Il Tempo delle Mele you will rediscover beauty in simple every-day things.   


A workshop of creativity immersed in rolling pastures

Malga Riondera is so much more than a farm-staying place: it’s a creative workshop! Whether you are looking for themed walks, bees keeping and horticultural workshops, music and family events you will find many things to do and to learn from.  


Hotel family friendly

We have selected the best hotels suitable for family holidays throughout Trentino. Scroll down the list and find the one that's right for you!

Published on 19/10/2021