A short guide for snow holidays

From packing your bags to learning to ski: our tips for a family holiday on the snow

What’s the right age to start learning to ski? What altitude is recommended for children? Which ski school should you choose? What do you need to pack? And if your children are still too young to start learning to ski, what else can they do on the snow?

We will do our best to answer all of these questions for you: if you scroll down, you’ll find practical suggestions and information to guarantee your peace of mind on your next snow holiday.

After all, the mountains in winter should be enjoyed as a great big open-air amusement park, where your kids can have fun and you can feel like a kid again!

Which altitude for the kids?

Enjoy a mountain experience to the full without worries: find here in our article, helpful information on how to stay safe at altitude with your children!

How to pack for your holiday on the snow

Discover all our tips to be well-prepared and avoid bad surprises when you get to the hotel. Are you ready to have fun with your family on the snow?

The most family-friendly ski areas

Discover the best ski areas for families in Trentino with specialised hotels, dedicated entertainment and playgrounds on the snow. For an unforgettable holiday!

How to choose the right ski school 

No school desks here, only the best ski slopes! Here’s advice from Trentino’s Ski Instructors for choosing a skiing course that suits your kids. 

The best baby parks on the snow

Every day is a good day to have fun! Have a go in one of our baby parks, well-equipped and safe areas with inflatable games, bobs and sleds.

Published on 06/06/2023