Let your children off the leash

Isn’t it time your kids explored a real landscape, rather than a digital one?

Family Holidays in Trentino's Lake District
Lake Levico holidays
Relaxing hikes around Lake Levico

These days, children desperately need an antidote to the claustrophobic modern world of video games, iPads and Facebook profiles. So why not bring your kids to our crystal-clear lakes, and let them off the leash? Here, they can rediscover their appetite for physical fun – whether it’s mucking about in canoes, diving off jetties, or exploring the shoreline on a mountain bike.

Family-friendly lakes
We don’t want to brag. But our lakes are exceptionally clean, safe and well-run. None more so than Lake Molveno, which for the fifth year running has been awarded five sails by the Italian Touring Club  – an accolade which recognises not just the cleanliness of the water and beaches, but the quality of its tourist infrastructure, and the preservation of its landscapes and culture. Meanwhile, the neighbouring lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo in Valsugana both have a European blue flag, in recognition of the quality of their water and facilities.

Explore & Experience
Children need challenges: and they’ll get plenty of them on a summer holiday in Trentino’s lake district. On the water, they can sail, windsurf and canoe, or feel the power of a mountain river on a canyoning trip. On land, adventure centres such as the Forest Park in Molveno and Busatte Park near Lake Garda offer a spine-tingling mix of zip wires, aerial walkways and jumps. Either way, they’ll discover new landscapes, boost their self-confidence, and have adventures they’ll remember for years to come.

Learn & Play
This is a place to broaden your horizons and learn new skills.
At Molina di Ledro, for example, you can discover how Neolithic and Bronze Age peoples built houses on stilts over the water, to protect themselves from raiders. Meanwhile, along the Rio Caino Ethnographic Path, a 4km walk takes you through a giant open-air museum, where everything from working water mills to bubbling witches’ cauldrons are on show. 

Lake Garda

Lake Garda

A lake that offers a thousand opportunities to have fun rocked by the...

Panoramica_Ledro_MassimoNovali | © Panoramica_Ledro_MassimoNovali

Lake Ledro - A journey in time

The Bronze Age village re-emerged from the waters

APT Valsugana - Lago di Caldonazzo inverno - ph PabloFull | © APT Valsugana - Lago di Caldonazzo inverno - ph PabloFull

Lake Caldonazzo - A water sports paradise

A paradise for watersports

APT Valsugana - Lago di Levico inverno - ph PabloFull | © APT Valsugana - Lago di Levico inverno - ph PabloFull

Lake Levico

A lake surrounded by greenery where you can find peace and relaxation

Lago di Molveno Inverno ph Frizzera | © Lago di Molveno Inverno ph Frizzera

Lake Molveno - Deep deep blue

A natural oasis away from the city, surrounded by the Dolomites

Published on 06/06/2023