Mum, why are the donkey’s ears so long?

Visit Trentino to explore nature and the wonderful world of animals

Children have tons of curiosity; their imagination train never stops. Grownups just need to jump on and take a ride through a world of fun facts and surprising stories. Children also share a special connection with animals and nature, especially with cute, friendly animas such a donkeys, llamas and woodland creatures. 

Giving space for their inquisitive minds to grow is important: children learn while exploring the world around them. Plus, it gives us, adults, a chance to notice small things that otherwise wouldn’t have caught our attention. In Trentino, you will find many opportunities for families to discover the region, the wildlife and local animals and transform a family day out in a memorable and rewarding experience.



Birds watching

Have you ever heard of the “Roccolo del Sauch”? It’s a curious tunnel-like structure made with plants and trees In Val di Cembra, used in the past for trapping birds. After abandoning this controversial practice, this unique place is now a centre for studying and protecting birds. You can visit it on a guided tour through picturesque woodland.


Donkey sanctuary

In easy distance from Arco, on Lake Garda, a clearing in a beech tree forest is home to the friendly donkeys of Malga Zanga. Get ready for an extraordinary excursion on Mount Creino on the back of these adorable animals. You will discover the First World War trenches while marvelling at the splendid Lake Garda.


Horse tours

Venture in the horse territory of Altopiano della Vigolana and find Maso del Sole. This popular spot on the Ippovia del Trentino Orientale, a 400-km long network of horse riding trails, offers riding lessons for older children and gentle pony rides for the little ones.


Wildlife encounters

you are curious about woodland animals - such as wolves, bears and foxes - head to Parco faunistico di Spormaggiore on Altopiano della Paganella. The park guides are experts of local wildlife and run regular tours. Plus, with “Adopt an Animal”, you can follow the rangers in their daily tasks and learn how to take care of these fascinating wild animals.


Llama trekking

Have you ever tried trekking with llamas? In Trentino, you can explore the beautiful mountain landscapes in the company of these friendly South American animals. Even the less enthusiastic walkers will enjoy this slow paced but fun activity while discovering extraordinary mountain sceneries.

Published on 06/06/2023