Llama Trekking in Trentino

A walk like no other, for all ages

Friendly, good-natured and cuddly, llamas and alpacas are great companions for trekking excursions on the mountains. Children in particular, who sometimes are not very keen on walking, will find this way of “going on a walk” more exciting. Trentino offers many opportunities for everyone, children and adults alike, to go trekking accompanied by these gentle animals. Children, five years and above, will be paired up with a furry friend, busy learning to take care of their companion and having fun leading them, they won’t mind the walk.

These walks are easy and slow paced allowing ample opportunity to explore the pristine nature of our beautiful mountains. It’s a one-of-a kind experience that will leave you with great memories. After all, how often do you get to walk side by side with these unique animals?

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Val di Fiemme

At “Maso delle Erbe” in Tesero, beside the llamas Pablo, Cisco and Luglio you will meet three fluffy alpacas Loco, Papaia and Mango. Despite being a bit timid they love people’s company and being stroked. They will be great companions on your woodland walk.

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Comano, Dolomiti di Brenta

Visit the happy Athabaska farm and spend a day between chickens, pigs, cows and tame donkeys. Then, grab your hiking boots and go trekking with the energetic Husky dogs and the tame llamas.

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Canal San Bovo, Pale di San Martino

There are many trekking excursions you can enjoy with llamas. The walk along Valle del Vanoi is particularly indicated for children: it involves a two-hour trek and a tasty break beneath the treetops.

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Published on 19/10/2021