On the Bicycle Trails of Lake Garda

To experience a dynamic and stress-free holiday

Cycling is good for you. It improves stamina and physical strength, protects the heart and frees the mind from thoughts and stress. It’s good for you, and good for the environment too.

If the premise has already convinced you, put on a pair of padded shorts and fasten your helmet, because we take you on 2 bicycle trails, where Lake Garda is the destination or the starting point, plus a bicycle trail on Lake Ledro, a magnificent body of water not far from Garda.

The bicycle trails from Lake Garda and towards Lake Garda are easy and accessible to everyone. Their slope is limited (practically nothing going up the Sarca trail, with a negative height variance if you go down from Mori towards Torbole), the asphalt is well cared for, and the signage is simple and clear.

What do you say, are we ready to go?

Bicycle Trails on Lake Garda

From Mori to Lake Garda

The track follows, for long stretches, the route of the old Mori - Arco - Riva railway. (Yes, until 1936 a railway line connected the Brenner Pass to Lake Garda.) It then starts from Mori and winds through villages and rows of vines, skirting the protected area of Lake Loppio with the archaeological island of Sant'Andrea.

It then reaches Nago, a balcony over Lake Garda: the view opens like a delightful picture on the village of Torbole, and then extends to the immense and beautiful lake. The descent to Torbole is short and pleasant. If you travel this stretch after noon, you will keep company with the Òra, the wind that rises from the south and ripples the waters in this part of the lake, turning into the location of choice for surfers and sailors from all over the world.

The bicycle trail runs along the lake until you reach Riva del Garda: cross its beautiful historic centre and stop in one of the many ice cream shops in town for a tasty break. Thereafter, you can also continue to Varone and visit its famous waterfall.

Heading towards Lake Garda


From Lake Garda to the Valley of Lakes

This itinerary runs opposite to the Sarca river current: it goes up the river for 40 km, from Lake Garda to the lakes of Cavedine, Toblino and Santa Massenza.

The first town you come across is Arco, a lively town and a destination for climbers from all over the world. As you pedal along the river, you pass through several villages and then arrive at Lake Cavedine. You are in the Valley of Lakes, dotted with ponds and wineries to visit. The sweet Vino Santo, grappas and spirits are born from the vineyards of this area.

After Lake Cavedine, you come across Lake Toblino, a “reserve” full of charm and history. The image before you looks like the illustration of a storybook. A small canal connects the Toblino lake to that of Santa Massenza, which welcomes the waters of the Sarca river and Molveno lake to set the Santa Massenza hydroelectric plant in motion.

In the Valley of Lakes on 2 wheels

Valle dei Laghi - Toblino

From Ledro Valley to Concei Valley

As you leave Lake Garda behind you, you will find the bicycle trail that starts from Molina di Ledro. First you skirt Lake Ledro towards Bezzecca, then you enter the Concei Valley, on secondary roads with limited traffic, interspersed with different sections of the bicycle trail.

The stretch that connects the village of Molina di Ledro with the small Ampola lake is suitable for everyone, including children. In Bezzecca, you can deviate along the Concei Valley or continue along the path of the Ledro Valley bicycle trail, up to the villages of Tiarno di Sotto and Tiarno di Sopra.

The final destination of the trail is Lake Ampola: observation points and information boards guide you along the botanical trail.

To the Lake Ampola biotope

Simple biking trails between the Trentino lakes
Published on 06/06/2023