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Discover the cycle paths around Lake Garda

5 reasons to love the cycle paths around Lake Garda

Brakes, checked – tyres, double checked, water supply – plenty (tip 1: add few drops of elderflower squash and mint leaves for an extra pick-me-up). Give your sunglasses a good wipe, fasten your helmet and don’t forget to tuck a few guilt-free snacks in your pocket (tip 2: nuts are super-food for cyclists). Now, you are ready to ride the winds, especially those on Lake Garda.

Cycling is one of the most loved and practiced sports in Trentino. It’s not a surprise to find here an extensive cycle network, perfect for exploring the region and constantly upgraded and expanded. In a few years’ time, a highly anticipated cycle path, that will allow to ride around the entire perimeter of Lake Garda, will be finally completed. Until then, if you need some pedalling inspiration, we share with you few reasons why you should discover other cycle paths around the lake region.

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If you choose to ride a bike:

  • Cycling is a low-impact activity that brings you closer to nature in a stress- free environment, without cars, traffic and pollution
  • Nothing beats the summer heat like a breezy bike ride: Ora and Peler are the local winds generated by the difference in temperature and pressure between the lake and the valleys
  • It’s a licence to look after your fitness also on holiday by combining a cycle ride and a refreshing swim in the lake, good for sculpting the muscles and for burning off some calories- in case you over-indulge with the delicious gelato!
Lake Garda by bike
  • Every time you opt for a bike over a car you help reducing green gases released in the air and protecting the environment. While a lot of Trentino is cladded in forests, we need all the help we can get to preserve our ecosystem - water, air and earth - and your effort is just as important as ours
  • All cycle paths around Lake Garda are suitable for everyone thanks to gentle gradients (almost negligible on the Sarca cycle path and negative along the stretch between Mori and Torbole), well maintained surface and clearly visible signposting. Bici grills are another good reason to get on the two-wheeler. These rest areas, conveniently positioned along the cycle paths, offer excellent food and beverage choices.
Lake Garda by bike

How to get to the cycle paths

With a well-connected network of cycle paths, moving around on you bike has never been easier and opting for an active holiday is in reach for everyone.

Starting in Trento, you can reach Lake Garda following the cycle path along the river Adige all the way to Rovereto: from here, the path continues towards Mori, passing through the Loppio biotope and rises gently to Passo San Giovanni before descending into Torbole.

The town of Sarche is also an important connection: many bike itineraries start and end here.

Here are all the Trentino cycle path!

Here are all the Trentino cycle path!

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Published on 27/11/2021