All the joy of cycling… with less of the effort

7 routes to try out with an electric bike

E-bikes, electric bikes or pedal assist bikes… whatever you call them, it always means the same perk: you can turn a climb that would otherwise be too long or too steep into an exhilarating athletic challenge. All thanks to the electric motor that comes to your aid with that extra burst of power you might need from time to time.

A little boost that lets you make it to Alpine lakes or mountain meadows that would otherwise be out of reach. The magic of e-bikes makes up for different levels of athleticism so that you can cycle in a group, with your friends or as a family.

If you don’t know where to start, take a look at our recommended routes. These trails are easy or medium in difficulty: ideal for your first outings this season.


Val di Peio Tour no. 701, Val di Sole

A tour that takes you into the silent and pristine nature of the Stelvio National Park in Val di Peio. Along this itinerary, you will walk on a pleasant climb on the Austrian military road dating back to the Great War. The itinerary is varied and technical, and recommended for those who have trained legs.

Val San Nicolò  | © Mathäus Gartner

In Val San Nicolò, Val di Fassa

The beautiful, unspoilt Val San Nicolò is very accessible for travellers on 2 wheels. The route also passes by Rifugio Baita alle Cascate as it returns to Val San Nicolò along the picturesque forest road called strada di Rusci.

Tour dei Forti - Alpe Cimbra | © Apt Alpe Cimbra

Tour dei Forti on Alpe Cimbra

Here you can have so much fun! However, let’s share with you right away that this trail is difficult and demanding. Even if you are on an e-bike, we recommend that you take this tour if you have strong legs! As you pass through the Austro-Hungarian fortresses of Alpe Cimbra, you alternate the initial uphill stretch with ridges and descents: a succession of panoramas and memories of history!

Km 0 UNESCO Bike Tour @Alessia  Festi

KilometroZero Bike Tour, Comano

Zero: enjoy products grown at zero km, and a difference of zero between the calories consumed and burned by the end of the tour. The itinerary unfolds at the foot of the Dolomites, through one of Italy’s Most Beautiful Villages, before descending into a canyon and back up through fields of wheat. This route also offers excellent options for taking a break, where you can try 2 Slow Food specialities: Ciuìga, a special type of sausage made with white turnips, and Bleggio walnuts, in addition to delicious dairy cheeses and bio ice cream.

A tour through the castles and orchards of Val di Non

A tour through the castles and orchards of Val di Non

Apple trees, ancient ruins and castles blanket the landscape as far as the eye can see. This route consists entirely of paved cycle paths and minor country roads. The view of Castel Cles, above Lake Santa Giustina, is simply spectacular. And that’s not all! As you ride south, you’ll also glimpse Castel Valer and Castel Nanno.

Pista ciclabile - lago di Caldonazzo | © Tommaso Prugnola

Tour the lakes of Valsugana

This loop route passes by Lake Levico and Lake Caldonazzo. The first stretch overlooks Lake Levico, passing beneath Pergine Castle. The trail then continues through apple orchards in bloom before skirting Lake Caldonazzo in the form of a cycle path.

Lago Nembia 2 - Paola Fiorini

Molveno & Nembia Tour, Dolomiti Paganella

From Lake Molveno to Lake Nembia, this tour is recommended for all. With the help of a pedal-assist bike, you’ll have no trouble in tackling the first stretch and its intense climb, after which the route becomes much less demanding.

E-bike Charging Stations

E-bike Charging Stations

Download the Mio Trentino App to quickly locate all the nearest e-bike charging stations to you. The list is continuously updated!

Published on 14/03/2024