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Ready, steady, go...!

Discover the best Trentino Bike Park

Bike parks are purpose-built areas offering a network of downhill bike trails exclusively rideable on special heavy-duty mountain bikes. DH trails include dirt jumps, tights corners (berms), wooden boardwalks known as north shores, steep slopes, rock gardens and other obstacles to suit all levels of riders. Most bike parks are served by a lift system or a shuttle service to facilitate the climb to the top.

Riders are required to adhere to the park rules by using the correct gear such as full-face helmet, body armour (knee & elbow pads, gloves and back protection) and, of course, a DH mountain bike.

Downhill bikes are essential to this sport as they are purposely fitted with high-tech front and rear suspensions and sharp brakes to tackle steep and rugged terrain.

Each trail is graded according to system of colours and symbols indicating the level of difficulty: green (beginner), blue (intermediate), red (advanced) and black (expert).

●green circle easy circuit, also suitable for beginners. Height and difficulty of slopes and features are limited. No special riding techniques are required.

■ blue square intermediate circuit. A basic knowledge of certain of mountain biking techniques is required. However, the nature and difficulty of slopes and features are limited.

red triangle intermediate/difficult circuit with some challenging slopes and the presence of obstacles and gangways. A sound knowledge of the bike and riding techniques is required for the more difficult stretches.

black diamond | ♦♦ double black diamond identify very difficult circuits with very steep slopes, requiring excellent technical skills and complete knowledge of your bike. Only for experts and professionals.


Here’s a list of terms to familiarize with the slang used in this sport, known as gravity riding:

North shore: a raised wooden boardwalk

Table-top: a jump with a flat top section suitable for beginners

Drop: a jump from high to lower ground. Often made in wood, it can be attempted with both wheels firmly on the ground.

Berm: an embanked corner with a raised side that allows to keep up the speed

Rock garden: a section of varying lengths made of scattered rocks fixed of loose.

Chicken line: an easier waymarked deviation


For fun and training

The Pump Track is an artificial circuit consisting of banked curves and various sized jumps. The aim of this track is to allow the rider to complete it without pedalling, using only the body’s “pumping” motion to create momentum. The track is suitable for all, from beginners to experts.

The Skill Area is a training circuit with a range of different artificial obstacles, of varying difficulty, which reproduce specific situations generally encountered by riders and is aimed at improving the skills of those involved. A series of narrow gangways, bridges, walls, jumps and other elements help hone the riders’ technique and skills.