Love (for art) is in the air!

Live a weekend of culture in Trentino, with all the senses ... including smell

SPRING 2019 - Who said that art can only be appreciated with our eyes? Italy holds so much of the world’s cultural heritage that it seems impossible to appreciate it only through one sense.

In Trentino, the best experiences combine all five senses and even art can be enjoyed through the sights, sounds, scents and atmospheres we find ourselves in. In spring, our love for art and culture stems like a new leaf: it’s in the air as you walk past the beautiful frescoes in the historic centre of Trento; it’s in the smell of the ancient stones and the pine-cladded walls of Castel Thun; it’s captured in the contemporary atmospheres of the Mart museum in Rovereto.

This spring, take a tour around Trentino’s cities and discover art through all your senses.


Trento’s historic landmarks

Neptune’s fountain, the magnificent Duomo, the Renaissance frescoes from via Belenzani to the main square: a walk around the streets of Trento is hardly a dull experience, it offers exciting sights of the historic and artistic past of the city. Join one of the Saturday afternoon tours.


Art workshops at the Mart

Drawing, collage, painting, photography: “Mart by night” is a programme of evening workshops held at the museum of contemporary art in Rovereto. Unleash your creativity, learn new techniques and meet likeminded people.


Visit the castles by train

A journey through art and history by train, starting from Trento across Val di Sole and Val di Non. Accompanied by a tour guide, you will spend a day in and out magnificent castle walls. Four locations in total and a tasty midway break.


Hands on!

The scent of paper, the rustle of pages, the beauty of a cover: there are some things that technology simply can’t imitate. Spend a few hours with Andrea in his workshop, Fabricharte, in Pinè and learn the art of bookbinding.


Have you ever spent a night in a historic house?

Stonework, wood panels, enchanting gardens and beautiful antiques. Restored yet timeless, these historic houses are filled with romantic and captivating atmospheres. Discover how to spend an unforgettable night.

Trentino Guest Card

The Trentino Guest Card offers free access to castles, natural parks and the main museums, not to mention free travel on public transport. It also includes special discounts with established partners and a number of exclusive services such as guided tours, priority access and tasting events.

Published on 06/06/2023