Sleeping in a historic home

Where the past is still alive

There are mansions that survive the passing of time. They survive for centuries, through structural failures and different masters, but proudly endure, standing guards of the places where they were conceived and of the souls who inhabited them.

You can find them. They seek you. They make themselves known. In ancient villages or in the countryside, on the shores of a lake or atop mountain spurs, they have made their age a brand to be shared only with those who know how to appreciate them. If you think we’re talking about you, read on.

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The heart of a house

If the holiday you have in mind also entails a “journey” inside a place of living, historic homes are a precious opportunity to deepen the knowledge you have of yourself and those who accompany you.

Entering the heart of a house, taking possession of it, even just for a weekend, occupying its space, and then listening to your emotions, can tell you a lot about yourself. Because historic houses have stratified over time, have added and removed furnishings, created echoes of full and empty spaces and retained footprints.

After all, a house is a metaphor which can either convey a sense of protection or make us feel naked.

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Trentino charm

The historic residences of Trentino we have selected for you are very special places: manors, castles or former monasteries.

What they have in common are a few rooms with an antique flair and a cuisine that pays attention to every detail, prepared with ingredients from the home gardens.

They are equipped with every comfort to let you enjoy a variety of experiences, from sailing to climbing. They feature integrated comforts that are attuned to the charm of their interiors, designed, as is their style, for people with natural allure.

Dimore Antiche - I 5 elementi

Historic houses of Trentino

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Published on 04/03/2024